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What enterprises need to know about the Regin malware toolkit

The sophisticated Regin malware contains features that hackers can adopt into other enterprise malware threats. Expert Nick Lewis explains how to combat this risk.


Study finds lack of investment in mobile app security

The Ponemon Institute says enterprises are devoting millions of dollars to mobile application development, but barely any of the money is focused on security.

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Using NIST 800-125-A to understand hypervisor security threats

Expert Paul Henry discusses how the draft NIST Special Publication 800-125-A can help enterprises better understand the threat landscape in a virtual realm.


Major browser makers revoke unauthorized Chinese TLS certificates

Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla have revoked unauthorized TLS certificates issued by an intermediate certificate authority that could have been used in man-in-the-middle attacks.

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    SIEM planning and deployment best practices

    Many organizations deploy security information and event management systems without the proper planning and therefore can't reap the proper rewards. Expert Kevin Beaver offers tips for a successful implementation.

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    Six non-PCI controls for credit card data protection

    Securing credit card data -- both online and at brick-and-mortar stores -- requires security measures beyond those mandated by PCI DSS. Expert Philip Alexander outlines six out-of-band security controls to consider.

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    Why security analytics tools are important to enterprise security

    Expert Dan Sullivan explains how security analysis and analytics tools work, and how they provide enterprises with valuable information about impending attacks or threats.

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