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With liability deadline looming, EMV card adoption lags in U.S.

A major deadline for EMV card adoption is just one month away. Can chip-and-PIN and chip-and-signature technology improve payment card security and reduce fraud?


Zero-day detection coming to new mobile Qualcomm SoC

Qualcomm announced that its next flagship chipset will include Smart Protect, a feature designed for machine learning and zero-day detection on mobile devices.


How to prevent shelfware in an organization

Shelfware is an increasing concern for enterprises, but expert Mike O. Villegas has some suggestions to help combat the problem.


Pros and cons of key aliases in the enterprise

Amazon Web Services added support for key aliases to help improve enterprise cloud encryption key management. Learn what key aliases are and the benefits they bring to the enterprise.

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    Geofencing: Security pro and privacy con?

    Geofencing technology creates a virtual fence on employee devices, adding a crucial extra layer of security. But do privacy concerns negate the benefits of this feature? Expert Michael Cobb explains.

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    CSSLP (certified secure software lifecycle professional)

    The CSSLP (certified secure software lifecycle professional) is an (ISC)2 certification for security professionals who wish to strengthen their knowledge about application security throughout the software development lifecycle.

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    watering hole attack

    A watering hole attack targets a specific group of users by infecting websites group members like to visit. The name watering hole attack is inspired by predators in the natural world who lurk near watering holes, looking for opportunities to attack...

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