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NSA failed to limit and secure privileged users

News roundup: DOD inspector general found NSA failed to implement secure privileged user management post-Snowden. Plus, Honda hit by WannaCry, Trump met with tech CEOs and more.


Detecting encrypted malware traffic may have privacy implications

Cisco claims it can accurately detect malware activity in encrypted traffic using machine learning, but some experts worry about privacy implications.


IAM systems set to apply machine learning in cybersecurity

Machine learning in cybersecurity applications for identity management systems are becoming more common today. But will algorithms be the best option for authenticating and authorizing users?

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How a CPU cache exploit affects multi-tenant cloud

Researchers recently proved that it's possible to steal cloud data from a CPU cache. Expert Rob Shapland discusses how this works and what it means for multi-tenant cloud security.

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Information Security Basics

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    black hat

    Black hat refers to a hacker who breaks into a computer system or network with malicious intent.

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    Choosing a vendor-specific IT security certification

    The abundance of vendor-specific information technology security certifications can overwhelm any infosec professional. Expert Ed Tittel helps navigate the crowded field.

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    Understand the importance of patch management tools

    Patch management software keeps enterprises better protected by automating the delivery of operating systems and application updates. See how it can help your business.

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