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VENOM vulnerability: Is its bark worse than its bite?

The VENOM cloud vulnerability was called the next Heartbleed, but how bad is it? Expert Rob Shapland explains the affect it should have on your enterprise.


Win the battle against malware with new security tools

Learn how advanced malware evades perimeter defenses and why tools to detect network anomalies are essential to keep your network secure.


Cisco boosts cloud security presence with OpenDNS deal

Cisco added another major piece to its growing security portfolio with an agreement to acquire cloud security provider OpenDNS.


Why support for cloud identity standards is growing

Open standards around identity and authentication are gaining popularity. So what -- and who -- is driving the movement?

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Information Security Basics

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    Extortionware defense vs. ransomware defense

    Enterprise threats expert Nick Lewis explains the difference between extortionware and ransomware in terms of what they are and how to defend against them.

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    To succeed at security leadership, channel your peers

    Renee Guttmann, vice president of the Office of the CISO at Accuvant, talks to SearchSecurity about security leadership, and offers advice to today's aspiring CISOs.

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    strong cryptography

    Strong cryptography is used by most governments around the world to protect communications. It involves secreted and encrypted communication that is not amenable to cryptographic analysis and decryption to ensure it cannot be accessed by ...

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  • Password Management and Policy

    Stolen passwords from government agencies leaked

    A report reveals that many stolen US government agency passwords traveled across the Web, including credentials from OPM, which was recently breached due to stolen passwords.

  • Malware, Viruses, Trojans and Spyware

    RubyGems client vulnerable to DNS redirection

    RubyGems software packaging client was found to have a DNS vulnerability that redirects users to malicious gem servers.

  • Malware, Viruses, Trojans and Spyware

    From click fraud malware to ransomware in two hours

    New roundup: Sometimes the least of threats -- such as click fraud -- can end up being the bigger issues -- like ransomware. Plus: U.S. Navy won't let go of XP; U.S./China cyber code of conduct; and more!