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Shared libraries could allow mobile data leakage

Researchers claim malicious actors could commit mobile data theft by using shared third-party libraries and abusing elevated privileges that the permissions granted.

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What was behind the VDP vulnerabilities?

Two VMware vulnerabilities in vSphere Data Protection were recently patched. Expert Judith Myerson explains how the flaws work and how to defend against them.


Microsoft gives antivirus makers more time with updates

Microsoft changes antivirus policy in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update in order to avoid further action in an antitrust case brought by Kaspersky.


Privacy Act doesn't apply to the FBI NGI

News roundup: The FBI Next Generation Identification biometrics database is exempt from the Privacy Act. Plus, Salesforce fired two top staffers after DEFCON, and more.

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    CISSP practice quiz: Asset Security and data control

    Domain 2 of the CISSP exam, known as asset security, covers data security control, classification, ownership and more. Test your knowledge with this 10-question practice quiz.

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    CISSP Domain 2 prep: Data encryption methods, asset security

    This Security School will help prepare you for Domain 2 of the CISSP exam, providing overviews of data encryption methods, data ownership concepts and asset protection.

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    A CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart) is a type of challenge-response system designed to differentiate humans from robotic software programs.

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