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How IoT security will affect health information

The FTC wants to standardize the security of Internet of Things, but what does that mean for organizations handling PHI? Expert Mike Chapple breaks down the hype.


Will USA Freedom Act squeak in before sunset?

With Section 215 of the Patriot Act meeting its demise on June 1, President Obama calls for the Senate to get busy.


Enterprise best practices for AWS IAM

The right security policies and technology can make or break an enterprise's identity and access management process. Learn why AWS IAM is crucial when protecting corporate data.


Not patching carries more risk than auto-update flaws

Recent malware issues with Lenovo's automatic update system have some worried about the risks associated with automatic updates. Experts say secure update processes are better than ever and result in less risk than waiting to patch vulnerabilities.

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  • Application Attacks (Buffer Overflows, Cross-Site Scripting)

    NetUSB port authentication vulnerability discovered

    A newly discovered router vulnerability could leave millions of connected devices open to denial-of-service attacks and remote code execution.

  • Denial of Service (DoS) Attack Prevention-Detection and Analysis

    Akamai: 2015 DDoS attacks reach record high

    News roundup: New research highlights the changing nature of DDoS attack frequency and methodology. Plus: New malware strains double in second half of 2014; two new address bar spoofing vulnerabilities.

  • Government IT Security Management

    Researchers to Obama: Keep this backdoor shut!

    As privacy and security concerns rise, President Obama is urged to dismiss the call for government backdoors.