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Microsoft offers help with GDPR compliance in the cloud

With GDPR compliance set to be mandatory in one year, Microsoft will help get its cloud customers ready for the new data protection regulation.


EternalRocks packages multiple NSA exploits

Following the worldwide impact of WannaCry, EternalRocks arrived abusing seven NSA cyberweapons but holding back on its malicious intent.


WannaCry decryptor could save files for those affected

Security researchers uncovered more info on how WannaCry spread, and a ransomware decryptor emerged to save files for those affected.

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Common attacks plaguing cloud service providers

Cloud attacks are increasingly targeting service providers. Expert Frank Siemons looks at the different types of attacks from which service providers and enterprises should be protected.

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    Breach detection system a valued defensive tool

    A system breach is inevitable, and BDS products provide a valuable means of detection. But a strategy that blends both defense and offense is the best approach to security.

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    Copyright is a legal term describing ownership of control of the rights to the use and distribution of certain works of creative expression, including books, video, movies, music and computer programs.

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    Managing access to keep privileged users' credentials secure

    Privilege creep is a constant threat. It's why privileged user management must be part of any comprehensive security plan and always at the top of an infosec pro's to-do list.

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