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Windows' new Wi-Fi feature: To share or not to share?

Microsoft's Windows 10 Wi-Fi Sense was designed to make hotspot sharing easy, but experts debate if the security risks are real and whether the new feature offers substantial benefits and relative safety.

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How APT groups are using VPNs to launch attacks

Threat actors in China are using VPN services to hide and anonymize their attacks. Expert Nick Lewis explains how to get a handle on these VPN-enabled threats.


The security benefits of Docker's new container feature

Docker Content Trust offers improved container security through code signing. Expert Dan Sullivan explains why this matters for enterprise cloud users.


Learn the advanced capabilities your next firewall must have

To be able to call your new firewall 'next generation,' it must have certain advanced firewall capabilities. Learn what these are in this technical tip.

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  • Identity Theft and Data Security Breaches

    China cyberattacks, malware expected to increase this year

    Roundup: A new report may explain China's cyber targeting of health insurers. Plus, malware activity shows a big rise at year-end; more software vulnerabilities were reported.

  • Disk Encryption and File Encryption

    Former NSA director: U.S. is more secure with encryption

    Former CIA and NSA director General Michael Hayden came out in favor of strong encryption but representatives in Congress and the Senate are continuing to pursue encryption backdoor legislation.

  • Government IT Security Management

    Federal EINSTEIN security system needs work

    A new report on the EINSTEIN government cybersecurity system concluded that it is only 'partially meeting its stated system objectives,' and needs some major changes.