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New study shows enterprise security confidence high but defenses low

A new study from network security firm Fortinet shows that enterprise security confidence levels are high despite a lack of comprehensive security measures.


WordPress vulnerable to stored XSS researchers find

A researcher has released a proof-of-concept exploit for a WordPress vulnerability leveraging stored XSS, which could lead to remote code execution on affected servers.


Is homomorphic encryption the answer to enterprise encryption issues?

Homomorphic encryption can be used to bypass encryption, but it's for the good of all. Application security expert Michael Cobb explains.


On healthcare data security, not all security pros see unique challenges

At an RSA Conference 2015 discussion on healthcare data security, experts with decades of experience perceive a unique challenge, while security pros see similarities with other verticals.

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  • Emerging Information Security Threats

    Experts: Attackers love playing the long game

    Threat experts at RSA Conference 2015 say today's most dangerous attack techniques reflect a shift toward long-duration attacks that are often nearly impossible to detect.

  • Information Security Jobs and Training

    RSA 2015: Millennials unclear about cybersecurity as a career

    Millennials are hesitant to pursue a career in cybersecurity, mainly because they aren't sure exactly what the job entails -- and if they have the proper training for it.

  • News and analysis from IT security conferences

    Creating a safe identity proofing system

    The U.S. government wants to solve the weaknesses in online ID proofing systems, but it needs the help of enterprise and security professionals in order to overcome privacy concerns and other issues.