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Vulnerability disclosure hits Microsoft after Patch Tuesday

Google Project Zero discloses a Windows vulnerability that passed the 90-day deadline and comes soon after Microsoft canceled its Patch Tuesday release.


WP29 still concerned over Windows 10 privacy issues

Windows 10 privacy issues remain as EU's top privacy watchdog group, the Article 29 Working Party, issues a second warning letter to Microsoft to simplify, clarify data collection.


Threat intel complements but can't replace security basics

Global threat intelligence is a valuable complement to a company's security program, but it can't replace security measures like training and internally collected data.

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How FTP servers are used to mine Monero cryptocurrency

Enterprises with open FTP servers are being targeted by Miner-C malware for crypto coin mining activities. Expert Nick Lewis explains how enterprises can protect their servers.

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  • Security patch management and Windows Patch Tuesday news

    Patch Tuesday goes underground for a month

    News roundup: Microsoft Patch Tuesday was canceled in February without a clear reason. Plus, APT28 is linked to new Mac malware; Lazarus targets more banks and more.

  • Monitoring Network Traffic and Network Forensics

    Former Tor CEO Lewman talks darknet tech

    At RSAC, former Tor Project CEO Andrew Lewman explains the latest research into darknet technology and how that tech continues to evolve as an attack vector.

  • Emerging Information Security Threats

    MEDJACK returns to target connected medical devices

    An RSA Conference session on a new attack on connected medical devices led to a spirited debate on vulnerability disclosure and manufacturer responsibility.