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December 2005

  • Security Bytes: McAfee sees growing mobile threat in 2006

    In other news, IBM addresses Java flaws; patches don't get along with IE 7; and hackers force game maker to shut down.

  • E-greetings, screensavers bring more tears than cheers

    Vendors that track spyware are noticing more of it stuffed into holiday greeting cards, screensavers and customized gift tags for virtual Christmas trees. Learn how to avoid these and other downloa...

  • Changing user IDs and passwords

    Learn why organizations should limit the number of username changes in this identity and access management ATE Q&A.

  • Freeware detects insecure wireless networks

    Learn how NetStumbler, a free utility, helps network admins determine if a wireless network is insecure or just lacking in signal strength.

  • Security updates fix Macromedia flaws

    Attackers could exploit vulnerabilities to bypass security controls, gain administrative privileges and cause a denial-of-service. But fixes are available.

  • Java programming resources

    Find Java-specific resources here.

  • Trio of trouble: Malcode targets Windows, IM users

    AV firms warn IT shops to guard against Dasher, Bagle and Banbra. Dasher targets a Windows flaw patched in October, while Banbra spreads through IM.

  • physical security

    Physical security is the protection of personnel, hardware, programs, networks, and data from physical circumstances and events that could cause serious losses or damage to an enterprise, agency, o...

  • For Microsoft, security and trust prove elusive

    Following the recent beta release of its OneCare Live security offering, Microsoft seems poised to dip its toe into the lucrative enterprise security and software services market. Despite its long ...

  • Roundup: 2005's 'curious malicious code'

    These viruses, worms and Trojans sometimes escaped our notice. But it didn't get past one antivirus vendor, who rounded up some of the year's stranger offerings from the underground.

  • The 5 A's of functional SAN security

    This tip examines why admins should follow the 5 A's of SAN security: Authentication, access, audits, alarms and availability, to keep their SAN secure.

  • Storage security quiz answers

  • Quiz: Storage security

    Regulations like SOX and the recently approved Personal Data Privacy and Security Act are bringing the importance of data protection to light. Loss of data – be it inadvertent or surreptitiou...

  • Handling vulnerability assessment activities

    Our security management expert discusses the importance of having a security team that handles vulnerability assessments within in your organization and outlines functions and tasks each division s...

  • How to prevent poor e-mail practices

    In this Ask the Expert Q&A, our application security expert examines why organizations should implement and enforce an enterprise-wide e-mail encryption security policy.

  • Security Bytes: Exploit code targets older versions of Firefox

    In other news, a flaw is found in Opera and the Cyber Security Industry Alliance tells the federal government to show more leadership on security.

  • Keep attackers from phishing in your waters

    Learn why phishing attacks continue to rise and three steps you can take to mitigate this risk.

  • Secure Sphere 2.0

    In this review, Information Security magazine contributor Peter Giannacopoulos evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of Imperva's SecureSphere 2.0.

  • ISA Server security don'ts

    Use this checklist of configuration don'ts to learn what to avoid when securing ISA Server.

  • Secure remote access: SSH Tectia Manager

    In this review, Information Security magazine's senior technology editor examines the strengths and weaknesses of SSH's Tectia Manager.