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December 2005

  • How to create stronger passwords

    Learn how password crackers work, six ways you can create stronger passwords and two ways you can avoid the risks of password cracking.

  • Microsoft pads security partner competency

    The software giant is adding a pair of specialties to its Security Solutions Competency, and integrating certifications from ISC² and ISACA.

  • Antispam advice from your peers

    Find peer recommended tools and tactics to help your organization mitigate the risk of future spam attacks.

  • Review: New Hailstorm a viable in-house pen test option

    Cenzic's latest version weaves nicely with QA and development teams to test commercial and custom applications for vulnerabilities.

  • Carnivore

    Carnivore was an Internet surveillance system developed for the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) so that they could monitor the electronic transmissions of criminal suspects. Critics, ho...

  • Review: Citrix now secures remote access for the SMB

    Its Access Essentials were developed specifically for the smaller companies that hadn't been able to afford the server setup.

  • Review: Configuresoft's enterprise manager even better now

    Enterprise Configuration Manager's latest iteration features new agents that scan and report on *nix systems and stay abreast of new regulations.

  • browser hijacker (hijackware)

    A browser hijacker (sometimes called hijackware) is a type of malware program that alters your computer's browser settings so that you are redirected to Web sites that you had no intention of visit...

  • Be afraid of the catastrophic data breach

    Though stories on the latest data breaches seem to pass through the headlines in the blink of an eye, experts warn that the loss or exposure of customer data can have long-lasting consequences. In ...

  • Fingerprinting logon techniques

    Learn how to personalize/replace the Windows 2000 logon prompt with fingerprint login techniques, in this identity and access management Q&A.

  •'s Guide to Thwarting Hacker Techniques

    This guide provides you with a plethora of tips, expert advice and Web resources that offer more in-depth information about hacker techniques and various tactics you can employ to protect your netw...

  • Out-of-cycle IE patch may be imminent

    Microsoft may release a critical Internet Explorer fix before the next Patch Tuesday, amid reports that malicious code is targeting a memory corruption flaw.

  • Configuresoft's Enterprise Configuration Manager v4.7

    Information Security magazine's contributing editor, Mike Chapple, reviews Configuresoft's Enterprise Configuration Manager v4.7.

  • On the Mend

    Health care giant Novartis AG got a much-needed shot in the arm with a comprehensive risk assessment and revamped security management system.

  • Controlling the Uncontrollable

    Organizations must leverage policy, and harness new protocols and technology to tame wild WLANs.

  • Thinking Ahead

    Information Security's 2006 Priorities Survey signals a transition for security managers from an operational to a more strategic stance.

  • To Catch a Thief

    Forensics tools aren't only used in high-profile cases.

  • Application Security: Cenzic's Hailstorm v2.6

    Cenzic's Hailstorm v2.6

  • Perspectives: History teaches security lessons well

    Expert Richard Bejtlich looks at the lessons learned in engineering disasters and applies them to information security.

  • Ping: Desiree Beck

    Desiree Beck