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December 2005

  • Fingerprinting logon techniques

    Learn how to personalize/replace the Windows 2000 logon prompt with fingerprint login techniques, in this identity and access management Q&A.

  •'s Guide to Thwarting Hacker Techniques

    This guide provides you with a plethora of tips, expert advice and Web resources that offer more in-depth information about hacker techniques and various tactics you can employ to protect your netw...

  • Out-of-cycle IE patch may be imminent

    Microsoft may release a critical Internet Explorer fix before the next Patch Tuesday, amid reports that malicious code is targeting a memory corruption flaw.

  • Thinking Ahead

    Information Security's 2006 Priorities Survey signals a transition for security managers from an operational to a more strategic stance.

  • To Catch a Thief

    Forensics tools aren't only used in high-profile cases.

  • Controlling the Uncontrollable

    Organizations must leverage policy, and harness new protocols and technology to tame wild WLANs.

  • On the Mend

    Health care giant Novartis AG got a much-needed shot in the arm with a comprehensive risk assessment and revamped security management system.

  • Configuresoft's Enterprise Configuration Manager v4.7

    Information Security magazine's contributing editor, Mike Chapple, reviews Configuresoft's Enterprise Configuration Manager v4.7.