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October 2006

  • Instant messaging attacks rise in October

    In October alone, security firm Akonix Systems tracked 88 attacks that used instant messaging programs to spread. Attackers are also exploiting P2P programs.

  • Podcast: Top 5 quick tips for safer instant messaging

    Michael Cobb of Cobweb Applications counts down five quick tips that can secure IM in the enterprise. Cobb discusses account naming rules, acceptable use policy, instant messaging encryption and mu...

  • Podcast: Fact or fiction -- The future of email attacks

    What will the future hold regarding email attacks? In this expert podcast, Tom Bowers will confirm or debunk a number of common beliefs about what's coming next.

  • Quiz: Secure instant messaging

    A five-question multiple choice quiz to test your understanding of the content presented in the Secure instant messaging lesson of SearchSecurity.com's Messaging Security School.

  • Quiz: Countermeasures for malicious email code

    A five-question multiple-choice quiz to test your understanding of the content presented in Countermeasures for malicious email code lesson of SearchSecurity.com's Messaging Security School.

  • Quiz: Essential practices for securing mobile devices

    A five-question multiple-choice quiz to test your understanding of the content presented in the Essential practices for securing mobile devices lesson of SearchSecurity.com's Messaging Security Sch...

  • Podcast: Platform protection -- Security issues for mobile devices

    This 10-minute podcast features a Q&A-style back-and-forth interview with Lisa Phifer, a renowned instructor and conference speaker in the realm of mobile security. The podcast summarizes the secur...

  • Taking the bite out of Bluetooth

    Bluetooth has become a ubiquitous short-range wireless protocol embedded in many mobile devices, but it has been plagued by security threats. In this tip, Lisa Phifer details those threats and expl...

  • Firefox fans unfazed by IE 7

    IT administrators like the security improvements in IE 7. But for those who use Firefox, Microsoft's browser upgrade isn't enough to make them switch.

  • Strategic considerations for an integrated malware defense

    Not only does it take several technologies to keep an enterprise malware free, but those pieces must fit together like a well-crafted puzzle. Tom Bowers explains which product categories are must-h...

  • Survey: Data breach costs surge

    A new study by the Ponemon Institute finds a 31% increase in the costs associated with a data breach.

  • Latest IM attacks still rely on social engineering

    In the age of email-borne superworms, email recipients would often become victims without any interaction or warning. However, as Michael Cobb explains, many of today's most dangerous instant messa...

  • Countermeasures for malicious email code

    Today's malware continues to raise the security stakes. Enterprises are now facing numerous evolving threats like targeted and blended attacks, zero-day exploits, botnets and phishing schemes. The ...

  • Messaging Security School

    SearchSecurity.com's Messaging Security School has brought together some of the most knowledgeable experts in the messaging security field to offer you personal instruction on how to secure the inf...

  • Podcast: Expert sees rise in sophisticated attacks

    In this edition of Security Wire Weekly, Andreas Wiegenstein, chief technology officer of Virtual Forge discusses why application security attacks are becomming more sophisticated.

  • PING with Aviel Rubin

    In this exclusive interview with Information Security magazine, Aviel Rubin, author of "Brave New Ballot" examines security problems in e-voting machines, and details why isn't just a cause for co...

  • Triple trouble for Microsoft users

    Security researchers have reported three flaws affecting Microsoft, including two Internet Explorer glitches and a vulnerability affecting organizations that share Internet connections.

  • Airline security pro specializes in meeting mandates

    Andre Gold, director of information security at Continental Airlines has been meeting seemingly impossible mandates for the airline. His work earned him a Security 7 award.

  • Security Blog Log: The never-ending PatchGuard debate

    This week, security vendor fright over the Windows Vista PatchGuard feature permeates the blogosphere. Is Microsoft the boogeyman, or just misunderstood?

  • Sourcefire looking to go public

    The company behind the popular Snort open source IDS tool is making a bid to go public, months after its deal to be acquired by Check Point collapsed.