• April 06, 2006 06 Apr'06

    Security Bytes: New IE flaw could enable phishing attacks

    In other news, Cisco patches a variety of flaws and attackers could access Windows file through a security hole in HP's printer software.  Continue Reading

  • April 06, 2006 06 Apr'06

    Five Microsoft patches coming, but why wait?

    The createTextRange flaw in IE will be among those fixed, but with exploits in the wild, some debate whether once-a-month patching is right for the times.  Continue Reading

  • April 06, 2006 06 Apr'06

    Understanding risk

    In this installment of the Risk Management Guide, contributor Shon Harris explains what risk is and clarifies the differences between risk and vulnerability management.  Continue Reading

  • April 06, 2006 06 Apr'06

    How to define an acceptable level of risk

    Even though management is responsible for defining an organization's acceptable level of risk, the security practitioner should understand the process and be able to illustrate to management how underlining security threats can negatively affect ...  Continue Reading

  • April 06, 2006 06 Apr'06

    Biometrics: Best practices, future trends

    Biometrics products are improving, but they still require careful consideration and planning before implementation. In this tip, ID and access management expert Joel Dubin reviews some best practices and pitfalls to watch out for.  Continue Reading

  • April 06, 2006 06 Apr'06

    Google Desktop gets scarier

    As if the threats posed by Google Desktop weren't enough, Google's latest release is chock-full of new dangers -- especially to enterprises. In this tip, security guru Mike Chapple reviews Google Desktop 3 and its "Search Across Computers" feature, ...  Continue Reading

  • April 06, 2006 06 Apr'06

    Opinion: The importance of a military mindset

    The military security mindset shouldn't be so quickly dismissed, says Michael Tanji, because military science has spawned many commercially successful technologies and trained many of the professionals who today are the lifeblood of the industry.  Continue Reading