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May 2006

  • Become compliant without breaking the bank

  • Information security podcasts: 2005 archive

    Listen to past editions of's Security Wire Weekly podcast, offering news, interviews and current events in the information Security market.

  • Employees to execs: It's OK to watch

    More than half of an average company's employees surf the Internet for fun while at work, but many workers say they don't mind if their employers control when and what they view.

  • Out-of-office messages: A security hazard?

    Automatically generated out-of-office messages, like the kind created by Microsoft Outlook, have come under scrutiny as a possible security hazard for a number of reasons. Should organizations proh...

  • Security Bytes: Symantec fixes software flaw

    Meanwhile: Microsoft prepares to roll out OneCare Live, McAfee hopes Falcon will soar and malicious email poses as a Microsoft security notice.

  • PING with Robert Garigue

    Robert Garigue may be less than six months in a new industry as Bell Canada's chief security executive, but that doesn't mean that the security playbook that served him well as CISO for the Bank of...

  • Extranet security strategy considerations

    Extranets can be beneficial for conducting e-commerce, but if they aren't properly secured, they can pose serious risks to you, your business partners and customers. In this tip, our network securi...

  • Opinion: More security consolidation is on the horizon

    One analyst believes customers will benefit from consolidation in the overcrowded security market, as IPS vendors bow to competitive pressure by adding network behavioral technology to their products.

  • Veterans Affairs data theft should be 'call to arms'

    Security experts say the recent VA data theft should serve as a wake-up call in the halls of Congress and the boardrooms of corporate America.

  • Security Blog Log: Uncle Sam slammed over data theft

    This week, infosec pros said the feds aren't doing enough after the Veterans Affairs data breach that left 26.5 million veterans exposed to identity fraud.

  • Hacker's Challenge 3: Big Bait, Big Phish

    In this excerpt of Chapter 3 from "Hacker's Challenge 3," author Bill Pennington provides a detailed example of a situation in which an organization's network is attacked and customer data is compr...

  • RSA not content to grow slowly

    Analysis: RSA Security has been busy on the acquisition front as of late, and Nick Selby of The 451 Group has an idea of who the vendor might buy next in order to accelerate its growth.

  • Fighting the uphill battle against renegade apps

    Experts say keeping unsanctioned apps and technologies off company computers is a difficult battle to win. But protecting the network is possible.

  • Security Bytes: Dirty cyber deeds in Tinseltown?

    The Motion Picture Association of America is accused of hiring a black-hat hacker. Meanwhile: Cisco and HP fix flaws and blood donors' information is compromised.

  • Okopipi leaps in where Blue Security left off

    The new user group is building an open source P2P application that sends spammers automated "unsubscribe" messages. Some call it feasible, but others believe counterattack strategies are doomed to ...

  • Does email archiving mean keep everything?

    An expert at the Storage Decisions conference weighs in on whether it makes sense to keep data forever or if reducing data also reduces risk. Plus dirt on conniving lawyers and dodgy tape practices.

  • Personal data on 26.5 million veterans stolen

    The stolen information included names, Social Security numbers and dates of birth for the military veterans and some spouses.

  • Report: Microsoft shaking up security market

    A new Forrester analysis says Microsoft is already gaining on the top security vendors, but the battle for security mindshare is just beginning.

  • Security Bytes: Skype dodges attackers

    Meanwhile: A worm hijacks IE and spreads via Yahoo IM, Ohio University reorganizes IT department after data theft; and Symantec accuses Microsoft of misusing technology.

  • IIS security: Configure Web server permissions for better access control

    Updating user access controls as business portfolios expand can help protect confidential data. Learn how to secure user access controls and keep your greatest asset under lock and key by configuri...