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July 2006

  • Nmap: Firewall configuration testing

    This tip, in our Nmap manual series, explains how Nmap can be used to test the effectiveness of a firewall configuration. Learn how to use the open source network mapper to better understand how y...

  • Email filtering tools and techniques

    Email filtering tools help organizations enforce acceptable use policies, filtering office email and blocking personal email traveling over the corporate network. This tip introduces the two classe...

  • Security Blog Log: Has CSI/FBI survey jumped the shark?

    Also: A sign the government may finally be getting it on information security, and Blue Pill's creator explains why the effort should be taken seriously.

  • Answers: VPN and remote access know-how quiz

  • Security Bytes: Cisco patches CS-MARS flaws

    Meanwhile, Metasploit creator H.D. Moore warns of a serious Internet Explorer flaw and Cisco may get more unwanted attention at the upcoming Black Hat conference.

  • Symantec: Searching for a strategy?

    After phasing out some appliances and watching EMC reel in RSA, some say Symantec is strategically adrift. To correct its course, experts say it must satisfy the demand for better product integration.

  • Advance Host Intrusion Prevention with CSA: Advanced Custom Policy

    Examine two key processes for administrators who need to adjust or change Cisco Security Agent default policies. Learn about the normal tuning process and writing application control policies in th...

  • Secure instant messaging in the enterprise

    Instant messaging can be a conduit through which viruses come in to and sensitive data goes out of the corporate network. Enterprises need a thorough IM policy and the technical measures to back it...

  • Russinovich now belongs to Microsoft

    Winternals and its well-known technical leader, Mark Russinovich, are now part of Microsoft. The software giant has acquired Winternals for an undisclosed fee.

  • password synchronization

    Password synchronization is an authentication process that coordinates user passwords across various computers and computing devices so a user only has to remember a single password instead of mult...

  • Microsoft plans PowerPoint zero-day patch

    Microsoft will have a patch ready by Aug. 8, if not sooner. Since some PowerPoint flaws have already been attacked, Microsoft strongly discourages opening untrusted attachments.

  • Report: Web applications caught in a storm of attacks

    A new survey shows not only how attackers are pummeling Web applications using bots, Google and other tools, but also why targeted attacks are getting tougher to trace.

  • Oracle's summer update fixes 65 flaws

    Updated: The database giant released 250 patches covering myriad platforms such as Application Server, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards. But roughly 10 patches are on hold while quality issues are addressed.

  • Keeping pace with emerging endpoint security technologies

    Vendors have responded to the de-perimeterization of corporate networks with products designed to perform "health checks" of connecting devices, permitting access based on the security status of th...

  • VPNs and remote access: Secure deployment, setup and strategies

    Virtual private networks can reduce the cost of business communication while extending secure remote access to teleworkers, travelers and mobile professionals. But deploying and managing a secure V...

  • Security Bytes: Microsoft pulls back user-based encryption

    In other news, McAfee unwittingly fixes an ePolicy Orchestrator security flaw and multiple vulnerabilities surface in Microsoft Works.

  • VPNs and remote access quiz

    Take this five-question quiz to see how much you've learned about VPNs and remote access.

  • Automated provisioning quiz

    Take this five-question quiz to see how much you've learned about automated provisioning.

  • Endpoint security quiz

    Take this five-question quiz to see how much you've learned about endpoint security.

  • Endpoint security protection: Policies for endpoint control

    In this lesson, guest instructor Ben Rothke, Director of Security Technology Implementation for a large financial services company, provides tactics for endpoint security, policies for controlling ...