• April 04, 2007 04 Apr'07

    Altiris SecurityExpressions

    Recently acquired by Symantec, Altiris SecurityExpressions is easy-to-use and offers strong trend reporting, according to Information Security readers. Those surveyed gave the product a bronze medal for its ability to identify policy ...  Continue Reading

  • April 04, 2007 04 Apr'07

    Mu-4000 Security Analyzer

    The Mu-4000 Security Analyzer scored big with corporate users, vendors and consultants alike. The security tool's ability to conduct torture tests and expose zero-day vulnerabilities earned the analyzer a silver medal.  Continue Reading

  • April 04, 2007 04 Apr'07

    NetIQ Security Manager

    Readers awarded NetIQ Security Manager a silver medal, largely because of the product's management interface and compatibility with existing systems.  Continue Reading

  • April 04, 2007 04 Apr'07

    Cisco NAC

    The shift from Cisco Systems' Network Admission Control platform to its NAC appliance has paid off, as Cisco pulled down the silver medal in this year's endpoint security category.  Continue Reading

  • April 04, 2007 04 Apr'07

    Check Point FireWall-1 (2007)

    Readers gave Check Point Firewall-1 silver medal honors. It provides access control, attack protection, application security, intrusion prevention, content security, authentication, Quality of Service and Network Address Translation functions.  Continue Reading

  • April 04, 2007 04 Apr'07

    Microsoft Antigen

    Antigen, which finished second in the messaging category, has been rebranded and wrapped into Microsoft's Forefront line of security products. The software was awarded for its layered, multiple scan engine approach and interoperability with ...  Continue Reading

  • April 04, 2007 04 Apr'07

    McAfee Policy Enforcer

    McAfee's Policy Enforcer garnered this year's bronze medal. The product can discover managed and unmanaged devices on a network, as well as perform automated remediation in order to bring managed machines up to approved levels.  Continue Reading

  • April 04, 2007 04 Apr'07

    Tripwire Enterprise

    Security managers need gold-medal tools like Tripwire Enterprise that can keep tabs on network changes. Tripwire monitors files, directories, registry settings, directory server objects and configuration files on file and directory servers and ...  Continue Reading

  • April 04, 2007 04 Apr'07

    Oracle Identity Management

    Readers rated Oracle Identity Management highly, recognizing its full suite of identity management capabilities: single sign-on, Web access control, provisioning, federation and directory services.  Continue Reading

  • April 04, 2007 04 Apr'07

    Citrix Access Gateway (2007)

    Second place honors went to Citrix Access Gateway, a product that simplifies and secures remote access to applications. The Access Gateway delivers the same desktop access experience users have within the network and removes the need for additional ...  Continue Reading

  • April 04, 2007 04 Apr'07

    Postini Perimeter Manager

    Postini Perimeter Manager safeguards enterprises from malicious email and instant messages without the need for software installations, hardware deployments or on-site configuration. Readers lauded the product's uptime, noting that outages were kept...  Continue Reading

  • April 04, 2007 04 Apr'07

    Check Point VPN-1

    Check Point VPN-1 won the bronze medal this year, most notably because of the product's extensibility. VPN-1 works on Windows, Windows Mobile and Macintosh platforms. In addition, the client software supports dynamic and fixed IP addressing for ...  Continue Reading

  • April 04, 2007 04 Apr'07

    TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention System

    Asked which IDS/IPS system best detects or prevents network intrusions, readers gave the highest marks to TippingPoint's Intrusion Prevention System, an inline device that actively checks for malicious traffic.  Continue Reading

  • April 04, 2007 04 Apr'07


    In a highly competitive (and immature) network access control market, ForeScout Technologies' CounterACT rose to the top and scored the gold. The product provides flexible, policy-based security with minimal impact on infrastructure and users.  Continue Reading

  • April 04, 2007 04 Apr'07

    Symantec Compliance Control Suite

    Readers gave high scores to Symantec's Compliance Control Suite's granular and flexible policy management definition capabilities. Security professionals praised its ability to identify policy violations and to integrate with applications and ...  Continue Reading

  • April 04, 2007 04 Apr'07

    RSA SecurID (2007)

    RSA Security has two decades of experience in the authentication field, so it was no surprise that its SecurID product earned this year's gold. The reasons it edged out its competitors, according to users: ease of use, integration and compatibility.  Continue Reading

  • April 04, 2007 04 Apr'07

    ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager (2007)

    There are plenty of SIM products to choose from, but according to readers, ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager stood out from the crowd. The product won a gold medal in the SIM category, scoring high marks for its event correlation capabilities, ...  Continue Reading

  • April 04, 2007 04 Apr'07

    SecureSphere Database Security Gateway

    SecureSphere, a bronze medal database monitoring, auditing and protection appliance, rated well accross the board and in every criteria: granularity of access controls and integration with existing infrastructure, scalability and management, data ...  Continue Reading

  • April 04, 2007 04 Apr'07

    Yahoo fixes Messenger flaw

    Attackers could exploit a flaw in Yahoo Messenger to hijack targeted machines, but a fix is available.  Continue Reading

  • April 04, 2007 04 Apr'07

    RadioShack sued for mishandling customer data

    A civil suit accuses RadioShack of violating Texas' 2005 Identity Theft Enforcement and Protection Act, which mandates that businesses protect consumer records.  Continue Reading