• April 04, 2007 04 Apr'07

    Cisco PIX Security Appliance Series

    Cisco's PIX product line took home the top prize, suggesting that Cisco may be poised to dominate security as well as networking. Readers noted Cisco PIX's ability to block intrusions, attacks and unauthorized network traffic.  Continue Reading

  • April 04, 2007 04 Apr'07

    Altiris SecurityExpressions

    Recently acquired by Symantec, Altiris SecurityExpressions is easy-to-use and offers strong trend reporting, according to Information Security readers. Those surveyed gave the product a bronze medal for its ability to identify policy ...  Continue Reading

  • April 04, 2007 04 Apr'07

    Mu-4000 Security Analyzer

    The Mu-4000 Security Analyzer scored big with corporate users, vendors and consultants alike. The security tool's ability to conduct torture tests and expose zero-day vulnerabilities earned the analyzer a silver medal.  Continue Reading

  • April 04, 2007 04 Apr'07

    NetIQ Security Manager

    Readers awarded NetIQ Security Manager a silver medal, largely because of the product's management interface and compatibility with existing systems.  Continue Reading

  • April 04, 2007 04 Apr'07

    Cisco NAC

    The shift from Cisco Systems' Network Admission Control platform to its NAC appliance has paid off, as Cisco pulled down the silver medal in this year's endpoint security category.  Continue Reading

  • April 04, 2007 04 Apr'07

    Check Point FireWall-1 (2007)

    Readers gave Check Point Firewall-1 silver medal honors. It provides access control, attack protection, application security, intrusion prevention, content security, authentication, Quality of Service and Network Address Translation functions.  Continue Reading

  • April 04, 2007 04 Apr'07

    Microsoft Antigen

    Antigen, which finished second in the messaging category, has been rebranded and wrapped into Microsoft's Forefront line of security products. The software was awarded for its layered, multiple scan engine approach and interoperability with ...  Continue Reading

  • April 04, 2007 04 Apr'07

    McAfee Policy Enforcer

    McAfee's Policy Enforcer garnered this year's bronze medal. The product can discover managed and unmanaged devices on a network, as well as perform automated remediation in order to bring managed machines up to approved levels.  Continue Reading

  • April 04, 2007 04 Apr'07

    Yahoo fixes Messenger flaw

    Attackers could exploit a flaw in Yahoo Messenger to hijack targeted machines, but a fix is available.  Continue Reading

  • April 04, 2007 04 Apr'07

    VeriSign PKI

    VeriSign earned a silver medal and edged out the competition due to its top scores in the ease-of-use and response categories, where more than 70% of readers rated it excellent/very good.  Continue Reading

  • April 04, 2007 04 Apr'07

    MIT fixes critical Kerberos 5 flaws

    MIT fixed several critical flaws in Kerberos 5, a suite of applications and libraries for the Kerberos network-authentication protocol used on numerous platforms.  Continue Reading

  • April 04, 2007 04 Apr'07

    Windows ANI patch problems reported

    Some IT administrators are having trouble installing the Windows ANI patch. Meanwhile, the researcher who discovered the flaw said Firefox is also vulnerable.  Continue Reading

  • April 04, 2007 04 Apr'07

    IronPort Reputation Filters

    IronPort says its Reputation Filters block 80% of spam at the connection level. Information Security readers backed up that claim, giving the product bronze medal honors.  Continue Reading

  • April 04, 2007 04 Apr'07

    Symantec Network Access Control

    Although vendors often promote their NAC products as the next big thing, few have actually delivered. Symantec Network Access Control, however, scored gold-medal marks from readers, and the product's enforcement options and ability to integrate with...  Continue Reading

  • April 04, 2007 04 Apr'07

    Check Point Eventia Suite

    Check Point Software Technologies' Eventia Suite won the bronze medal, receiving attention from readers for its ability to map information to security policy/compliance regulations. Its event correlation capabilities were also recognized.  Continue Reading

  • April 04, 2007 04 Apr'07

    Novell Identity Manager (2007)

    Novell Identity Manager took home first place honors, earning a bevy of high ratings for its scalability; investment ROI; integration and compatibility; extensibility over platforms; applications and domains; and vendor service and support.  Continue Reading

  • April 04, 2007 04 Apr'07


    KoolSpan's SecurEdge, a tool with many encryption capabilities, proved its versatility this year. Readers awarded this product the bronze medal, recognizing SecurEdge's ability to secure remote user access, VoIP and Wi-Fi.  Continue Reading