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September 2007

  • Consolidation's impact on best-of-breed security

    Standalone security vendors are attractive targets for large infrastructure players such as EMC. This feature looks at the consolidation in the security market and the potential for best-of-breed s...

  • Perspectives: The Lesson of Estonia

    Prof. Dorothy Denning writes the cyberattacks on Estonia and how they took activism to a new level.

  • Logical, physical security integration challenges

    Integrating physical and IT security can reap considerable benefits for an organization, including enhanced efficiency and compliance plus improved security. But convergence isn't easy. Challenges ...

  • What CISOs need to know about computer forensics

    With computer forensics needed for civil litigation, human resources investigations and criminal cases, organizations need to ensure they're prepared and evidence is preserved. This feature details...

  • At Your Service: Atlas Vigilar

    Vigilar's Atlas

  • Rootkit detection and removal know-how

    Get advice on how to detect malware and rootkits and the best ways to achieve rootkit removal and prevent hacker attacks.

  • SIM and NBA product combination is powerful

    The recent announcement that Mazu Networks, a provider of network-based analysis (NBA) tools, and eIQnetworks, a supplier of SIM products, underscores the trend towards convergence in the NBA and S...

  • Time to take cyberterrorism talk seriously

    With the power of botnets, SCADA systems becoming less proprietary and the recent attacks on Estonia, have we reached an inflection point where we need to take the likelihood of cyberterrorism?