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April 2009

  • The telltale signs of a network attack

    Some people believe that if IP addresses from China are attacking their network, then they are under attack from China. Expert John Strand explains why all that it is irrelevant.

  • Is there a spy on my mobile device?

    This is a growing area of concern, as many people are trying to get more and more "hands-free" with their phones. John Strand explains how some hackers can eavesdrop on mobile phone conversations.

  • Short-lived Web malware: Fading fad or future trend?

    Attackers are increasingly spreading their malicious code through fly-by-night websites that seem legitimate to unsuspecting users, but are actually laden with malware. Marcos Christodonte II expla...

  • When should new browsers be adopted in an enterprise?

    It's helpful for organizations to look into alternative technologies and browsers, says expert John Strand, but you must always be aware of complexity and its effect on your security architecture.

  • Cloud computing group to tackle security concerns

    A new organization will address the security concerns inherent with cloud computing.

  • Courts turn aside data breach suits

    Class action suits based on data breaches have failed without exception. But, companies still face heavy sanctions and have settled in most cases rather than risk losing in court.