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September 2009

  • Best Application Security Products

    Readers vote on the best Web application firewalls, static and dynamic Web application vulnerability scanning and source code analysis products and services.

  • Microsoft issues IIS FTP advisory, exploit code circulates

    Exploit code is circulating for the FTP zero-day flaw in Microsoft IIS Web server.

  • Best Web Security Gateway Products 2009

    Readers vote on the best Web security gateway products, including software and hardware, hosted Web services for inbound and outbound content filtering for malware activity detection/prevention, st...

  • Readers' Choice 2009 Best Authentication Products

    Readers vote on the best digital identity verification products, services, and management systems, including PKI, hardware and software tokens, smart cards.

  • Best Network Firewall Products 2009

    Readers vote on the best network firewalls, including enterprise-caliber network firewall appliances and software, and stateful packet filtering firewalls with advanced application layer/protocol f...

  • Best Intrusion Prevention and Detection Products 2009

    Readers vote on the best intrusion prevention/detection products, including network-based intrusion detection and prevention appliances, using signature-, behavior-, anomaly- and rate-based technol...

  • Best Remote Access Products 2009

    Readers vote on the best remote access products, including IPsec VPN, SSL VPN, and combined systems and products, as well as other remote access products and services.

  • Best Mobile Data Security Products

    Readers vote on the best mobile data security products, including hardware- and software-based file and full disk laptop encryption, removable storage device (CD/DVDs, USB drives, digital music pla...

  • Best Antimalware Products

    Readers vote on the best business-grade desktop and server antivirus and antispyware products.

  • Best Unified Threat Management Products 2009

    Readers voted on the best unified threat management products, including UTM appliances that feature firewall, VPN, gateway antivirusm URL Web filtering and antispam.

  • Best Identity and Access Management Products 2009

    Readers vote on the best identity and access management products, including user identity access privilege and authorization management, single sign-on, user identity provisioning, Web-based access...

  • Best Data Loss Prevention Products

    Readers vote on the best network, client and combined data loss prevention software and appliances for enterprise and midmarket deployments.

  • Best Network Access Control Products

    Readers vote for the best NAC products, including appliance, software and infrastructure user and device network access policy creation, compliance, enforcement and remediation.

  • Best Vulnerability Management Products 2009

    Readers vote on the best vulnerability management products, including network vulnerability assessment scanners, vulnerability risk management, reporting, remediation and compliance, patch manageme...

  • Best Security Information and Event Management Products 2010

    Security information and event management and log management software, appliances and managed services for SMB and enterprise security monitoring, compliance and reporting.

  • Unpatched vulnerability discovered in Microsoft SQL Server

    Database security vendor Sentrigo today released some detail about a flaw discovered a year ago in Microsoft SQL Server that exposes passwords stored in memory as cleartext. Microsoft is not planning to...

  • What are Google Chrome's security features?

    In this expert response, Michael Cobb reviews the security features of Google Chrome.

  • Where to find HIPAA resources for employee compliance training

    Is your organization in the process of training employees for HIPAA compliance? Learn where to find HIPAA resources and HIPAA training tools to get the task done.

  • deperimeterization

    In network security, deperimeterization is a strategy for protecting a company's data on multiple levels by using encryption and dynamic data-level authentication.

  • FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974)

    FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974) is legislation that protects the privacy of students' personally identifiable information (PII). The act applies to all educational institu...