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Hackers get their 0wn awards: The Pwnies

You can add one more bit of goofiness to the usual fun and games at Black Hat this year: the first annual Pwnie Awards. A tongue-in-cheek look at the most notable security events of the year, the awards are meant for “celebrating (or making fun of) the achievements and failures of security researchers and the wider security community,” according to the Web site. You can submit nominations for work done in one of seven categories between June 1, 2005 and May 31, 2007. The categories are:

  • Best server-side bug
  • Best client-side bug
  • Mass 0wnage
  • Innovative research
  • Lamest vendor response
  • Most overhyped bug
  • Best song

The list of judges is almost as good as the category names: Dave Goldsmith of Matasano Security; Mark Dowd of IBM; Dino Dai Zovi of MacBook pwning fame; HD Moore, creator of the Metasploit framework; Dave Aitel of Immunity; Halvar Flake of SABRE Security; and Alexander Sotirov of Determina. Nominations close on Saturday and the awards ceremony is on Aug. 2 in Vegas.

If anything other than “Symantec Revolution” wins for Best Song, you know the fix was in.

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