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  • mobile application management (MAM)

    Mobile application management is the delivery and administration of enterprise software to end users’ corporate and personal smartphones and tablets.

  • The simple facts behind antenna basics

    No matter how expensive your wireless system may be, its performance depends on the strength of its antennas.

  • address space layout randomization (ASLR)

    Address space layout randomization (ASLR) is a memory-protection process for operating systems (OSes) that guards against buffer-overflow attacks by randomizing the location where system executable...

  • A RESTful approach to cloud application management

    Cloud application management is the essential link between cloud-enablement and ALM processes. Tom Nolle offers RESTful strategies to get you started.

  • limitation of liability clause

    A limitation of liability clause is the section in a service-level agreement (SLA) that specifies the amounts and types of damages that each party will be obliged to provide to the other in particu...

  • context menu (right-click menu)

    A context menu is a pop-up menu that provides shortcuts for things the software developer anticipates the user might want to do.  

  • HP Quality Center

    HP Quality Center is Hewlett-Packard’s software quality management product, part of the company’s application lifecycle management software suite. The product is available in entry-level and enterp...

  • horizontal scalability (scaling out)

    Horizontal scalability is the ability to connect multiple hardware or software entities so that they work as a single logical unit. When servers are clustered, the original server is being scaled o...

  • inventory optimization

    Inventory optimization (IO) is a strategy for balancing the amount of working capital that's tied up in inventory with service-level goals across multiple stock-keeping units (SKUs).

  • Process large data sets quickly with Amazon Elastic MapReduce

    Learn how to distribute large amounts of data to Amazon S3 using the Amazon EMR cluster.

  • In the cloud, SharePoint WCM loses key functionality

    SharePoint Online can be a simplified, lower-cost option for Web content management, but SharePoint WCM in the cloud lacks some of the important features of the on-premises platform.

  • anode

    An anode is the electrode in a polarized electrical device through which current flows in from an outside circuit. Conversely, a cathode is the eletrode in a polarized electrical device through whi...

  • Why customer service automation goes awry

    Customer service automation brings speed and improved quality to the effort of serving consumers. If poorly managed, it can also do the opposite.

  • How you can benefit from VM performance benchmarking

    Using benchmarks gives the user a head start in troubleshooting if VM performance begins to falter. But how can benchmarking help with resources, hardware decisions and virtual workloads?

  • organizational goals

    Organizational goals are strategic objectives that a company's management establishes to outline expected outcomes and guide employees' efforts.

  • self-service analytics

    Self-service analytics is an approach to advanced analytics that gives the ability to conduct analyses to business users, rather than data scientists.

  • cloud file sharing

    Cloud file sharing is a method of allowing multiple users to access data within a public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud.

  • active archive

    An active archive is a collection of data that is too valuable for a company to discard, but only needs to be accessed occasionally.

  • emotions analytics (EA)

    Emotions analytics (EA) is the analysis of a person's verbal and non-verbal communication in order to understand the person's mood or attitude.

  • cathode

    A cathode is the metallic electrode through which current flows out in a polarized electrical device. Conversely, an anode is the electrode in a polarized electrical device through which current fl...