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Endpoint security controls: Moving beyond antivirus

Learn about enterprise endpoint security controls to ensure your organization has successful threat protection.


Security School LogoEndpoint security controls cannot be just about antivirus anymore. Organizations need to understand not only malware protection, but what devices and applications can and should be allowed to run on an endpoint. This Security School lesson will take you through all those considerations, including device and application control, antimalware considerations, data protection and integration with network monitoring and SIM and log management solutions.


Evolving endpoint protection

In this presentation, Mike Rothman discusses today’s next-generation endpoint data security and integration of endpoint technology and explains how endpoint data security has evolved over time.


Endpoint protection: Not your grandma's antivirus

Ensure that your organization's endpoint protection strategy is sound.


Rethink defense-in-depth for BYOD

Today's endpoint security model is failing. What's next? Learn why endpoint defense-in-depth controls must assume the endpoint is compromised.


Managing endpoints with defense-in-depth

Learn how to implement appropriate security controls for endpoint management. Continue Reading


Endpoint threat protection

There are plenty of effective endpoint security controls out there for threat protection, but how do you decipher which technologies are right for your environment and will be most effective?


Endpoint security controls

In this podcast, Rothman separates fact from fiction on endpoint security controls for effective threat protection. Continue Reading


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Mike Rothman, Contributor

Mike Rothman is President and Principal Analyst of Securosis, an independent information security research firm. Having spent more than 15 years as an advocate for global enterprises and midsized businesses, Mike's role is to educate and stimulate thought provoking discussion on how information security contributes to core business imperatives. Continue Reading