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How to attack DDoS threats with a solid defense plan

You can best attack DDoS threats by being well-informed about what your systems are up against and using that knowledge to craft an anti-DDoS program. Our collection of expert insights and advice will get you prepared.


"Delay is the deadliest form of denial," said British historian C. Northcote Parkinson. He was writing a century ago, but his words still ring true. Especially when it comes to coping with distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, which are increasing in number and growing more sophisticated. But you can attack DDoS threats by understanding them and preparing your defense and response strategies.

This guide delves into all aspects of the DDoS threat. It includes information on the most recent news-making attacks and explains steps you can take right now to protect your systems. It also explores how to create an effective defense strategy to counter DDoS now and in the future.

Not surprisingly, the best offense when it comes to DDoS is a good defense -- that is, a thought-out and well-tested anti-DDoS program. Inevitably, you'll face a DDoS attack in your career. Read on to get up to date on the DDoS attacks coming at you and plan your response now.

1Strategy now-

Why you need to weigh options now for your anti-DDoS program

DDoS attacks are getting more frequent and more sophisticated and simply hoping they won’t happen to you isn't an effective strategy. Criminals are out to take down your business, so now’s the time to develop and test your DDoS defense plans. Learn the nature of the problem and why and how an anti-DDoS program is essential.


Hybrid DDoS prevention emerges to counter variety of DDoS attacks

As DDoS attacks get bigger, more frequent, and more varied, new hybrid and cloud-based DDoS prevention methods are emerging, but some fear too much automation in DDoS defense may result in a loss of control. Continue Reading


Examining why DDoS defense planning sometimes falls short

Failure to regularly test DDoS mitigation processes can lead to inadvertent amplification of an attack. Continue Reading


Why DDoS attack threats cannot be ignored

Criminal activity has become the top motivation for distributed denial of service attacks as the average attack become strong enough to down most businesses – so taking no action is not an option Continue Reading


Tools and techniques to protect your cloud from DDoS

Hackers don't just steal data; they can also crash applications with spam requests and traffic. Protect your cloud against DDoS attacks by employing these tools and techniques. Continue Reading


Strategies for DDoS defense and recovery

John Pescatore discusses local and cloud-based DDoS mitigation strategies and the value of preparedness. Continue Reading

2Recent attacks-

Knowledge is power: Reports on recent attacks and attack responses

Some recent DDoS attacks paint a scary picture. Some reports say that a hacker who needs tech help can hire it for dollars an hour. Others reports show that often a DDoS attack might be camouflage for something far worse. Learn about recent attacks here, and the anti-DDoS programs some organizations are using to thwart them.


DDoS attacks openly on offer for $5 an hour, researchers discover

DDoS attacks have become a commodity, and are available openly on professional services online marketplaces for as little as $5 an hour, say security researchers Continue Reading


DDoS attacks hit three-quarters of global brands in 2015

DDoS attack tactics evolve from single, large attacks, intended to take a website offline, to multi-vector barrages – but organisations are fighting back Continue Reading


DDoS attacks on universities normally performed by “disgruntled” students or employees

The majority of distributed denial of service attacks on universities are made by students or employees, says the head of infrastructure services at the University of London Continue Reading


Smaller DDoS attacks could be hiding something more sinister, Neustar warns

Smaller DDoS attacks can be more dangerous than a powerful attack that knocks a company offline but does not install malware or steal data, warns Neustar Continue Reading

Photo Story

Recent DDoS attacks get shorter, but also larger

With a constant drumbeat of security and data breaches in 2015, it's no wonder networking pros have questions and concerns about network security topics. These five stats can get you started. Continue Reading


Release of Mirai IoT botnet malware highlights bad password security

Mirai, the IoT botnet malware code used in the massive DDoS attack on Brian Krebs' website, has been released to the public and highlights a problem of using default passwords. Continue Reading

3Solid steps-

Solid steps to take now to prevent DDoS attacks

In recent years, DDoS attacks have risen to record levels. Now it's time to protect your enterprise systems and attack DDoS. In this section, our experts show you how with directed, practical advice.


Preventing various types of DDoS attacks on your enterprise's systems

The types of DDoS attacks organizations face have grown and size of these attacks has increased. Expert Michael Cobb explains how to secure systems against common DDoS methods. Continue Reading


Preventing DDoS attacks that bypass DNS rerouting

DNS rerouting by cloud security service providers may not be enough for DDoS mitigation when attackers can uncover targets through alternate means. Expert Ed Moyle explains. Continue Reading


Is a hybrid DDoS defense strategy the best option for enterprises?

Choosing between on-premises and cloud DDoS services can be challenging, so why not use both? Expert Dan Sullivan explains. Continue Reading


Denying denial-of-service attacks

Employ a mix of internal and cloud-based DDoS mitigation controls to minimize business disruptions from these increasingly complex attacks. Continue Reading


The latest means and methods for DDoS prevention

This three-part guide explores the latest on DDoS and how to strengthen enterprise systems to resist attacks. Continue Reading


What to do to protect HCP services

The Internet Systems Consortium released a critical patch for DHCP servers that fixed a flaw that could lead to denial-of-service attacks. Continue Reading

4Evolving strategy-

How best to attack DDoS threats? With an ever-evolving strategy

As in all things security, the threat is always moving and morphing. In this section our experts cover the latest in DDoS threats, including attacks in the cloud and in the SSDP protocol, among other things. Learn how DDoS attacks are evolving and what you can do to keep your anti-DDoS program updated.


Exploring the changing DDoS threat and how to protect against it

Attackers have discovered new ways to conduct DDoS attacks. Expert Nick Lewis explains how they work, and what enterprises can do about them. Continue Reading


How to secure the SSDP protocol to prevent DDoS attacks

Attackers are targeting the SSDP protocol to amplify the effects of DDoS attacks. Learn what this protocol does and how to secure it. Continue Reading


Stopping DDoS attacks in the cloud

Distributed denial-of-service attacks are a top threat to cloud security. And while they're impossible to prevent completely, there are steps enterprises can take to increase safety. Continue Reading


Is DDoS attack mitigation possible at a multi-tenant colo?

Our small colocation provider's other customers have been under DDoS attacks that affected our infrastructure. The colo null routes the bad IP address; meanwhile, our connectivity is poor. Continue Reading


Security company uses SDN framework to fight DDoS attacks

Cybersecurity company Nexusguard said it implemented SDN technology to fight large DDoS attacks -- automating routing decisions and scaling network resources. Continue Reading


Tools and techniques to protect your cloud from DDoS

Hackers don't just steal data; they can also crash applications with spam requests and traffic. Protect your cloud against DDoS attacks by employing these tools and techniques. Continue Reading

5Key terms-

To speak the language of DDoS defense, learn these key terms

Every aspect of IT comes with its own specialized terms; why would it be any different with DDoS? Here are some key terms you need to have under your belt as you make plans to attack DDoS.

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