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How to define SIEM strategy, management and success in the enterprise

Learn how to develop or refresh your enterprise SIEM strategy

Security information and event management technology has traveled a long and winding road, but today enterprise SIEM technology is as functional, manageable and affordable as it's ever been. Yet many enterprises haven't implemented a modern SIEM product, and others that have aren't taking full advantage of the advanced capabilities of contemporary products. In this Essential Guide, learn to develop or refresh your enterprise SIEM strategy to set the stage for SIEM success today and tomorrow according to how you best define SIEM for your business.


1. Demystifying SIEM: Making the business case

Define SIEM products and capabilities that will enhance your enterprise, then make the business case to invest in SIEM


2. SIEM operational best practices

Explore SIEM's role in rapid attack detection. Learn how to succeed with SIEM intrusion monitoring.

The future

3. SIEM 2.0: Emerging security data strategies

Prepare for what's next for SIEM and related technologies; assess the growing importance of big data for security analysis.