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Mobile endpoint security: What enterprise infosec pros must know now

The number and type of mobile devices entering the enterprise grows monthly, and the challenge for security professionals gets ever more complex. This guide shows you how to meet the challenges that mobility brings.


The increased use of smartphones and tablets in the enterprises means IT security teams now must set controls on all those mobile endpoints. The aim is to ensure compliance and acceptable use policies, but there's nothing obvious or easy about meeting this challenge. This guide brings insights on the scope of the mobile challenge and the various approaches that enterprises (and vendors) are taking in response. We'll look at how to set strategy and policies to ensure successful mobile device management, and also zero in on the tools, software and training required to turn policy on paper into effective action. Because the security landscape never stops changing, we'll also consider more advanced topics like mobile application management, device visibility, containerization and more.


Mobile device management strategy and policy

The number and types of mobile devices employees are bringing into the enterprise is exploding, and information security pros need to get a plan in place now to deal with them. A clear and comprehensive mobile endpoint security strategy, backed by effective policies, is crucial to figuring out exactly how to keep sensitive company information secure. Read on to learn about the risks mobile devices present, and why a well-thought-out strategy, backed by focused and effective policies, are the best first steps toward meeting the challenge of a secure, modern mobile business world.


Survey notes perceived growth in security risk from mobile devices

Nearly 60% of respondents to our 2013 Enterprise Mobile Security Survey think mobile devices present more risk now than in Q2 2012. What's changed? Continue Reading


How to ensure mobile endpoint security

IT strategy consultant Jack Gold explains why the most important starting point for dealing with mobile devices is to develop a mobile strategy. Continue Reading


Shape your MDM policy with this checklist

There's no set definition of what an MDM strategy or policies should contain: Those responsible for managing smartphones and mobile devices must consider their unique risks, budgets and more. Here's a checklist to get you started. Continue Reading


The case for an iOS and Android BYOD program

IT would be overwhelmed if the enterprise mobile device strategy allowed every brand to run free, though there's a case to be made for a policy that embraces Android and iOS devices. Continue Reading


BYOD security: Policy, control, containment, management

With the growth of BYOD, what measures can IT take to ensure enterprise data security, and what role does mobile device management fill? Continue Reading


Ensure mobile device security through MDM policy

Security experts at the ASAE's Technology Conference detailed how to create and implement an enterprise mobile device management policy and system. Continue Reading


MDM tools, training and software

Once a company's information security experts have set their strategy and devised policies to meet the mobile challenge, the next step is to take action. The transformation from policy to effective action requires both advanced tools and employee training. The MDM product landscape changes rapidly; here's some of the latest intel for infosec pros to help them evaluate the available tools and vendors. And don't forget that crucial other step in achieving mobile endpoint security: employee training. The best tool in the universe has zero effectiveness if it's not used, or not used correctly.


Using MDM to secure a mobile workforce

As MDM products rapidly evolve to support the spread of BYOD smartphones and tablets, security professionals must consider a range of MDM solutions and determine which will best secure their specific environment. Continue Reading


MDM 2.0: Aligning products with a mobile policy

As MDM features become more robust, enterprises must not only look for mature products, but also evolve mobile security policies accordingly. Continue Reading


Mobile device security training key to breach prevention

Employee-owned smartphones and tablets in the workplace are the biggest potential hole in company network defenses. Mobile device security training helps users think twice before clicking download. Continue Reading


MDM software pros and cons

Some security gaps MDM can't fill, but mobile device management software is still a must for many companies. Continue Reading


What to look for in MDM tools

It's tricky choosing the best mobile device management tools. Success requires matching product capabilities to mobile workforce needs. Continue Reading


Tech startups no longer control the MDM space

The mobile device management space is no longer shaped by startups, and many large, traditional IT vendors have bought their way into MDM. Continue Reading


Focusing on the endpoints

Those handy little devices -- laptops, smartphones, tablets -- that improve our 21st-century lives can also be the source of nightmares for security professionals. The brands and capabilities of mobile endpoints are proliferating month by month, and enterprise IT departments must consider the particulars of each type in order to implement an MDM strategy. This section of our guide addresses the peculiarities of various endpoints, how to secure them and what to do when the worst happens -- when a mobile device filled with valuable enterprise data is lost or stolen and has the ability to connect to enterprise data resources.


Gartner says mobile device security future a mixed bag

A Gartner analyst says enterprise BYOD presents many pros and cons for enterprise endpoint security Continue Reading


Expert warns of 'tidal wave' of mobile security challenges

Interconnected devices and MDM-resistant smartphones are only two of the mobile security issues ahead, as infosec pros learned at a recent international conference on security and risk management. Continue Reading


BlackBerry defectors seek secure mobile device options

Mobile users deserting BlackBerry now must consider the security capabilities and gaps of the other mobile device options -- Android, Windows and Apple iOS. Continue Reading


Mobile malware threat soars

The tail end of 2013 saw a significant jump in the amount of malware directed at mobile devices. Read this to learn the source of the greatest threats. Continue Reading


How to implement and supplement remote wipe for BYOD

Passcodes won't keep a thief out of files on a lost or stolen mobile device; a remote data wipe capability is key to any mobile device security policy. Learn how each OS handles it differently. Continue Reading


BYOD vs. COPE: Time for a corporate ownership comeback?

Under the COPE model, companies buy mobile devices for users but loosen the reins a little. It's supposed to be a more manageable alternative to BYOD. Continue Reading


Moving beyond mobile device management

In the modern security world, it's no longer enough to merely secure mobile devices. CIOs, infosec pros and MDM vendors must broaden their horizons and consider growing threats like mobile malware. The security vocabulary must expand beyond MDM to include mobile application management (MAM), mobile information management (MIM) and more. Or, as one of our experts in this segment of the guide puts it, "MDM is a necessary, but not sufficient, mobility management capability today."


Moving mobility management beyond MDM and BYOD

MDM is vital to mobility management, but CIOs need to consider MAM, MIM and MPM to cover the many facets of managing a mobile workforce. Continue Reading


How to compare enterprise mobile security technologies

If you're struggling to understand the differences between MDM and MAM, you're not alone. Learn all about the various technology options in enterprise mobile security management. Continue Reading


Smartphone security: Stay on top of the growing mobile malware threat

The increasingly widespread use of wireless handhelds in the enterprise is just one reason why malware pros are getting serious about mobile malware. Lisa Phifer details why smartphone and PDA viruses and malware are on the rise and how enterprises can protect their sensitive data. Continue Reading


MDM plus MAM tools equals a one-two BYOD punch

IT admins who must manage mobility face a big task. MDM and other management technologies need to evolve so admins can keep up with the latest devices and features. Continue Reading


How to manage mobility in a changing market

IT admins who must manage mobility face a big task. MDM and other management technologies need to evolve so admins can keep up with the latest devices and features. Continue Reading


Research reveals pervasive mobile app hacking

The top 100 paid-for Android apps and 56% of the top 100 paid-for Apple iOS apps have been hacked, research revealed. Continue Reading


Mobile security model flawed, says Mobile Helix

Some companies are embracing mobile devices incorrectly because the current security model is flawed, says security startup Mobile Helix. Continue Reading


Emerging issues: Device visibility and containerization

A security pro's work is never done! If change is the only constant in the security world, that means that once you have an MDM strategy and policy in place, and mobile endpoint management begun, the potential new threats and means for meeting them must next be considered. Read this segment of our guide to learn the latest about device and application visibility, containerization and other advanced concepts.


App visibility and control tools surface for a wireless world

A new generation of application visibility and control (AVC) tools lets network managers peer into applications across a WLAN infrastructure and optimize how traffic is delivered. New AVC tools will help deliver a wider range of critical applications to personal and enterprise-issued devices. Continue Reading


NAC no more? Endpoint visibility, not access control

Network access control (NAC) is dead. Long live endpoint visibility, access and security. Continue Reading


How to secure the Android for business

More Google Android devices are entering the workplace. Learn the best ways of securing the mobile operating system. Continue Reading


Secure containers make data protection the priority

Some enterprise mobility management technologies are pretty complex. Secure containers try to fix that with a focus on mobile data protection. Continue Reading


Mobile virtualization vs. virtual desktop and app delivery

What's the difference between mobile virtualization and delivering virtual desktops to mobile devices? One enables access; the other separates work and play. Continue Reading


Learn about advanced mobile device management software features

Once you know the basics of MDM, it's time to look into more advanced mobile device management software for service, app and document management. Continue Reading


How the container approach works: BlackBerry Secure Work Space for iOS, Android

BlackBerry's Secure Work Space for iOS and Android will help heavily regulated companies or those searching for extra security containerize information. Continue Reading


MDM videos: From basic concepts to new ones

Reinforce what you've learned in the preceding guide sections with these essential videos from the SearchSecurity team of independent IT professionals. These audiovisuals cover the fundamentals of MDM as well as the emerging concepts you need to know.


Mobile endpoints: Secure the device or the data?

Why is mobility the biggest challenge facing enterprise endpoint security?


Security must-knows for the BYOD age

BYOD is a hot trend in enterprise IT, and this video examines security challenges, security techniques and management strategies necessary for a successful BYOD program.


The ins and outs of endpoint enforcement

Learn the latest on endpoint integrity enforcement and what to ask vendors and groups within your own organization to keep infected, noncompliant endpoints from threatening your business.


Antivirus and beyond: Endpoint security evolves

Learn all about next-generation endpoint data security strategies and how to integrate endpoint technologies to spot persistent attackers.


Key terms for the MDM world and beyond

Parlez-vous MDM? Be sure you're fluent in the key mobile device management concepts. Learn our list of words to know and understand.