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Mobile endpoint security: What enterprise InfoSec pros must know now

Mobile devices have flooded the enterprise and now mobile endpoint security is a key part of every InfoSec pro's job. Read this guide and rise to the security challenge.


Employees are not going to stop bringing their own devices to work, and so BYOD security is going to continue as a key part of the security professional's job description. Not only must corporate data and networks be protected from hackers targeting enterprise systems; mobile endpoints now, too, must be defended. There's nothing obvious or easy about the mobile endpoint security challenge. The BYOD era has multiplied the attack surface for hackers while the IT department's control over the endpoints is not likely to become any easier. This guide looks at all aspects of the mobile challenge and offers up various approaches IT pros can take, from strategy to tools and training, and also outlines the newest challenges already on the mobile device security horizon. 


Start with a mobile endpoint security strategy

Any effective mobile endpoint security program must start with a strategy. The number and types of mobile devices employees bring to the enterprise has been increasing exponentially and without a good plan in place, ensuring enterprise security is just not possible. The articles listed here will help you create a comprehensive and clear strategy that takes into consideration the risks employee- and company-owned mobile devices present to sensitive corporate assets.


Devise your mobile endpoint security strategy

This Beyond the Page focuses on how mobile application management can help CISOs move beyond consumer-oriented endpoints and their security tradeoffs. Continue Reading


Does your mobile security strategy have the right enemy in its sights?

Combating the wrong enemy? Evolving threats and new attack surfaces demand your mobile security strategy keep pace. Continue Reading


You'll need a mobile device VPN strategy: Here's how

Virtual private networks have long secured remote users. Learn how a mobile device VPN factors into your security strategy. Continue Reading


Make sure the mobile products in your enterprise RIP when the time comes

When mobile vendors stop maintaining security on their devices, enterprise data is at risk. Expert Michael Cobb discusses how to assess mobile product end of life and how to create end-of-life policies and controls to maintain BYOD safety. Continue Reading


What really makes mobile secure?

Experts told the CW500 Security Club how mobility brings new challenges to security departments and an opportunity to go beyond building walls around the enterprise Continue Reading

2Tools and training-

The tools to battle the threats that mobile endpoints invite

When the mobile era dawned, so did the new age of mobile security threats. But with the proper tools and training, enterprise assets can be defended. Here's your guide to what tools exist and what training enterprise employees need to help keep company data and networks secure.


New mobile security tools can beef up both EMM and IAM

New mobility tools beef up security options for IT around secure VPN, Android devices and IAM. Continue Reading


Improve your mobile app security in three steps

Better mobile app security in the enterprise starts with a few steps -- protect data confidentiality, integrity and access. Continue Reading


Training in mobile security is a key to breach prevention

Mobile device security training can help reduce the threat of malicious mobile apps by making users think twice before clicking download. Continue Reading


Collaborate securely with these tools for mobile

In this Ask the Expert from the Catalyst conference in San Diego, Gartner Analyst Mario de Boer talks about secure enterprise mobile collaboration, including why MDM and AV aren't effective security measures. Continue Reading


Do you know what you need in an EMM tool?

Enterprise mobility management products evolved from different types of mobility management tools, and so can vary greatly. Review capabilities and features you’ll want to consider before you buy. Continue Reading


Outlook gains more mobile security with MAM

IT has more controls than ever for Microsoft's new Outlook mobile apps, yet only those with Intune can use its new MAM. Continue Reading


Digital certificates are essential for mobile security

Traditional security does not always work for mobile as mobile operating systems are different to those on PCs, says MobileIron's Mike Raggo Continue Reading


Focusing on the endpoints themselves is a crucial security step

Strategy, policy, training and tools are all must-haves. But to achieve true enterprise security in the mobile age requires spending time and effort focusing on the endpoints themselves. Here are some things to consider.


Managing mobile security creates roadblocks to unified endpoint management

Experts say unified endpoint management for mobile devices, laptops and desktops will take more time due to the complex, evolving demands of mobile security management. Continue Reading


To control consumerization, secure the data not the devices

Trying to secure every employee's smartphone and tablet is impossible. Focus on securing data, which is less tedious and more beneficial, anyway. Continue Reading


Remotely wiping endpoints: A how-to guide

Remote data wipe is key to any BYOD security policy, but each OS handles it differently. Lisa Phifer covers how to use it with other controls to protect data. Continue Reading

4New issues-

The new issues emerging for mobile endpoint security

Every season seems to bring with it a new type of tablet, phone or other digital device. And with the latest cyber toys come new cyber threats. As the saying goes, the only constant is change -- so true, when it comes to mobile device security. So read up on the latest round of changing security concerns for mobile endpoints, and what can be done about them.


Wearables and BYOD security concerns

Wearables are the next wave of BYO devices infiltrating the enterprise. Domingo Guerra, president and co-founder of Appthority, talked to SearchSecurity at RSA Conference 2015 about how to address the onslaught. Continue Reading


Car hack demo prompts call for better vehicular security

News roundup: A wireless car hack demonstration has pushed vehicle security legislation and DMCA exemptions into the spotlight, and prompted a manufacturer recall. Plus: Hacking Team update; DHS email issues; and smartwatches vulnerable to attack. Continue Reading


Is Siri secure, and what can be done?

A proof-of-concept attack on Apple's Siri allowed researchers to steal data from iOS. Learn more about the iStegSiri attack and how to defend against such threats. Continue Reading


Flawed cell phone signal system makes eavesdropping possible

Hackers, fraudsters, rogue governments and unscrupulous commercial operators are exploiting flaws in the architecture of the mobile phone signalling system known as SS7 Continue Reading


Learn even more about mobile device threats and defense

These presentations round out our guide and fill you in on what the security landscape looks like when it comes to the threats involving mobile devices. Listen to the words of wisdom from these three experts in the field to supplement your new knowledge about mobile device security.


The essentials of mobile security strategy

Monitoring for malware isn’t enough. Enterprise IT pros must evolve their security strategy in the mobile era, because you can bet attackers will.


Old apps are a new security concern

At RSA 2015, Appthority president and co-founder Domingo Guerra outlines emerging mobile security risks enterprises must be aware of -- and the issues aren't limited to just bring your own devices (BYOD).



Video: KPMG's Ronald Plesco discusses the main emerging security trends -- security analytics, the Internet of Things and virtualization -- and what else is on the horizon for the industry.

6Terms to know-


Part of keeping up with developments in mobile endpoint security, and the security field in general, is keeping up with the terminology. In this module we've gathered definitions to the key terms in this ever-changing industry.

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