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Next-generation firewalls: Must-have NGFW features

Security School: Joel Snyder discusses best practices for making next-generation firewall evaluations.

Security School logoThe increased complexity of the current threat landscape has raised the bar for firewalls to an all-time high. New capabilities are required; old capabilities must meet new performance demands. Is the firewall you are currently considering up to the new level of play? In this Security School, our expert discusses best practices for making your NGFW evaluations. Buzzwords will be debunked, resulting in a meaningful feature list.

CPE logo Beyond the components, you see how security pros are taking a closer look at advanced firewall architectures, making the leap from original to next-gen. You'll gain insight into the evaluation process to help you decide whether a next-generation firewall is for you and how to make its deployment and management smooth and successful.

About the expert: Joel Snyder is a senior partner with consulting firm Opus One in Tucson, Ariz. He has worked in IT for more than 25 years.


1. Evaluating next-generation firewalls

In this presentation, Joel Snyder discusses best practices for evaluating next-generation firewalls.


2. Testing enterprise firewalls

Learn about the types of firewall tests you should perform to ensure you choose the best firewall for your organization.


3. Top firewall myths and misconceptions

Firewalls have been around for years, and they are generally well understood, yet many misconceptions remain. In this podcast, Joel Snyder dispels the top five myths, misconceptions and lies about firewalls.


4. Test your knowledge of next-generation firewalls

Test your knowledge of Joel Snyder's course on evaluating, deploying and managing next-generation firewalls in this five-question quiz.

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5. About Joel Snyder

Learn more about Joel Snyder and view his collection of videos and technical tips.