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PCI 3.0 special report: Reviewing the state of payment card compliance

Learn about the critical changes in PCI DSS 3.0, the history of the PCI Data Security Standard, and what the future may hold for payment card industry compliance.

It's been three years in the making. The third iteration of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, arguably enterprise information security's most important and successful mandate, updates the rules merchants must follow to protect customer payment card data.

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PCI DSS 3.0 raises the bar for vulnerability assessments, password management and provider compliance. Which changes will have the greatest effect on the PCI compliance process? Does PCI 3.0 go too far, or not far enough? How should enterprises prepare for PCI 3.0 assessments in 2015? We tackle those questions and more in this exclusive SearchSecurity special report.

News & Analysis

1. PCI Data Security Standard 3.0

PCI 3.0 is here. Read our news coverage detailing the changes and get expert analysis on what they mean for payment card compliance.


2. PCI SSC leaders answer questions on PCI 3.0

Listen to an exclusive interview with the top executives of the PCI Security Standards Council.


3. PCI DSS: A history in pictures

SearchSecurity is pleased to present an original visual timeline detailing the history of the PCI DSS, listing dates, events and people that have been crucial in the creation and evolution of the payment card industry compliance mandate.


4. Bonus content: Events in PCI DSS history

As a supplement to our "Visual timeline: The history of PCI DSS," review these historical articles detailing notable events that shaped the creation and development of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

Ask the Experts

5. Your questions answered

SearchSecurity experts Mike Chapple (enterprise compliance, standards and frameworks) and Joseph Granneman (security management) are standing by to answer your questions about PCI DSS compliance.