Essential Guide

Tackling the ongoing problem of endpoint defense

We're well past a blind reliance on antivirus scanning at the endpoint, but there's also not yet consensus on which next steps are a must and which are just nice to have. Here's your guide through the endpoint thicket.


Next to perhaps only firewalls, endpoint security figures as the network world's oldest defense. But while its history is old, the basic problem of protecting the PC on the desk has never fully been solved. Rather, the difficulty has increased as the number and kinds of endpoints multiply, particularly with the rise of mobility in the majority of endpoint devices and increase in the sophistication of the attacks. In this Essential Guide, learn everything you need to know to develop or refresh your enterprise endpoint strategy.


Basic endpoint strategies

Endpoint protection certainly still focuses on stopping malware as it attempts to lodge itself on a system, but achieving success at even this basic need requires a well-articulated strategy.


Finding the endpoint data you need to protect

Worried that your enterprise endpoints may be harboring sensitive information like credit card numbers or Social Security numbers? Fear not. Mike Chapple offers algorithms and tools to conduct a search and advice on dealing with the results. Continue Reading


Giving endpoint security the edge over perimeter defenses

Midmarket organizations should prioritize endpoint security management over perimeter defenses. Continue Reading


Enforcing endpoint security -- Information Security Magazine

Enforcing endpoint security requires careful planning and deployment. Continue Reading


Add context to endpoint security using NAC for visibility

Network access control is dead. Long live endpoint visibility, access and security. New acronym, slightly different product. Continue Reading


Using the cloud to meet endpoint protection needs

Key functions are missing in many cloud-based endpoint security services. Kevin Tolly of The Tolly Group reviews deployment, alerting and reporting. Continue Reading

2Beyond the Static Scan-

Ranging beyond basic scanning

Increasingly, IT security professionals recognize that the limitations of traditional static scanning mean that they must rapidly adopt additional protections, such as whitelisting, while at the same time dealing with new environments, such as those employing cloud-based applications.


Evasion techniques make short work of antivirus defenses

In the wake of the New York Times attack, a look at antivirus evasion techniques show how easy it is to avoid antivirus detection and why new defenses are needed. Continue Reading


Endpoint implications for cloud defenses

Kevin Tolly of The Tolly Group compares the management functionality of five cloud endpoint security services. Continue Reading


Cloud endpoint security: Considerations for cloud security services

Mike Chapple details discuses considerations for using cloud security services, specifically cloud endpoint security. Continue Reading


Endpoint protection advice: Improving NAC with secure endpoints

This endpoint protection tutorial discuss several aspects of endpoint protection, including how to use endpoint fingerprinting, how to create an endpoint security lifecycle, how to solve problems related to insecure endpoints. Continue Reading


Antivirus alternatives: Evolving enterprise endpoint security strategy

Do any viable antivirus alternatives exist? Security expert Matt Pascucci offers an endpoint security strategy that looks beyond AV to fight malware. Continue Reading


When endpoint protection goes mobile

Mobile not only invites traditional endpoint attacks, it also creates new realms of vulnerability in areas such as data loss. At this point, approaches to providing security range all across the board.


Enterprise BYOD has a mixed message for endpoint security

A Gartner analyst says enterprise BYOD -- specifically iOS and Android devices -- presents many pros and cons for enterprise endpoint security. Continue Reading


Pairing risks and rewards for BYOD security

Allowing employee-owned mobile devices doesn’t have to mean accepting all BYOD risks. Infosec pros share their BYOD security strategies. Continue Reading


Endpoint DLP: Five deployment tips

Deploying data loss prevention technology on endpoints requires a careful roll-out. Expert Rich Mogull offers five tips, including the need to start slowly with a set of power users and how to manage endpoint discovery. Continue Reading


Tools and Techniques for mobile endpoint security

There are lots of tools available for mobile endpoint security and management, but few offer the total solution. That leaves VARs with lots of work to do. Continue Reading


Is endpoint protection obsolete?

Today's endpoint security model is failing. What's next? Learn why endpoint defense-in-depth controls must assume the endpoint is compromised. Continue Reading