Enterprise Risk Management Canada

Enterprise Risk Management Canada

Marcus evans invites you to attend the 2nd Enterprise Risk Management Canada Conference. Cross-industry executives from leading organizations will share best practices, strategies and tools on empowering ERM efforts in order to inform the enterprise-wide decision-making process.

The 2nd annual Enterprise Risk Management Canada is arriving at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel on October 2-3. 

Attending this two-day premier conference will enable you to:

  • Enhance risk awareness and dialogue within the corporation board of directors
  • Align risk appetite and strategy to determine potential risks and mitigation plans
  • Explore useful approaches to measuring, managing and reporting enterprise risks
  • Understand current key issues in ERM including emerging risks and risk categorization
  • Comprehend the rationale and timelines for implementing Strategic Risk Management and assess the specific impact they have on an organization
  • Implement a pragmatic ERM program to optimize earnings-per-share and decrease risk management costs
  • Establish clear and consistent communications between board members and risk managers to reach desired goals and capabilities

Register today to attend on October 2nd!