John Strand, featured expert

John Strand, featured expert John Strand, featured expert
  • John Strand currently is a Senior Security Researcher with his company Black Hills Information Security, and a consultant with Argotek, Inc for TS/SCI programs. He also teaches the SANS 504 "Hacker Techniques, Exploits and Incident Handling," 517, "Cutting Edge Hacking Techniques," and 560 "Network Penetration Testing" classes as a Certified SANS Instructor.

    John started the practice of computer security with Accenture Consulting in the areas of intrusion detection, incident response, and vulnerability assessment/penetration testing. He then moved on to Northrop Grumman specializing in DCID 6/3 PL3-PL5 (multi-level security solutions), security architectures, and program certification and accreditation. John is also a contributing author to Nagios 3 Enterprise Network Monitoring. He has a Masters degree from Denver University, and is currently also a professor at Denver University. In his spare time he writes loud rock music and makes various futile attempts at fly-fishing.

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