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February 2005

IronPort C-Series Messaging Gateway: Antivirus, Antispam tool

IronPort C-Series Messaging Gateway IronPort Systems Price: $9,995 to $54,950, plus subscriptions "Reputation Filters" give the IronPort C-Series Messaging Gateway Appliance an edge among antispam products. Although IronPort Systems' IronPort C-Series Messag-ing Gateway packages solid third-party antispam and AV tools into one e-mail solution, it's the appliance's proprietary next generation spam-fighting technology, Reputation Filters, that really makes it something special. The Reputation Filters approach is similar to white-lists/blacklists, but the rate of false positives is much lower. IronPort claims a zero rate; we didn't see a single false positive during our testing. Exec Summary Cutting-edge antispam technology Unique AV technology Easy installation/management Robust reporting Optional app costs can add up The common problem among spam appliances is that they're reactive. E-mail is allowed to traverse the DMZ before it's scanned for spam and viruses. Reputation Filters prescreen e-mail by checking it against IronPort's...

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