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Information Security magazine - Special Edition, August 2014

As the number of Internet-connected devices grows, the potential security challenges of the so-called "Internet of Things," or IoT, can no longer be ignored. The web of interconnected devices promises both enormous benefits to users and serious security threats, due to the sensitive data those devices will share.

In this Insider Edition, InfoSec pros will learn about the risks related to the IoT and what they can do to mitigate them. This means, first, understanding how traditional threats, like DDoS attacks, are altered by the IoT, what all-new challenges the IoT creates and what steps must be taken now to get a viable and effective IoT policy in place. Once that's accomplished, the next step is to determine whose job it is to monitor and enforce that policy.

The new interconnectivity of the IoT promises a golden age of the Internet, but securing enterprise systems cannot be neglected.  Access >>>

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