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Access "Don’t turn security Big Data analysis into a forgettable cliché"

Published: 17 Oct 2012

Is there an industry -- outside of maybe professional baseball -- with more buzzwords, analogies and acronyms than IT? Security plays along especially nicely; vendor marketing machines are quite adept at pounding APT, BYOD and even cloud into the ground until you wince every time you hear these terms --and eventually ignore them. With that as context, we now have big data -- oh excuse me, Big Data -- which has made its way into the friendly confines of information security. It’s security’s equivalent of baseball's OPS. You’re not a Hadoop Hall of Famer if you haven’t plugged some huge analytics machine into all your other analytics machines that’s able to spit out some shiny report pointing out exactly how that BYOD Android tablet led to an APT attacker sniffing all your PII and IP and sending it to some proxy server in Omaha that’s really a front for China’s PLA. Phew, thank goodness you bought that GRC/SIM/NBAD thingy from RSA. Or is it EMC? Get the picture? Well, it is important to get the picture. But is it realistic today in 2012? Prolly not. You see, ... Access >>>

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