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Marcus Ranum Published: 17 Oct 2012

Marcus Ranum: Peter, thanks for taking the time to talk. I know some security people probably wonder why a stock market/financial analyst's views are relevant, so let's get that out of the way first. Whenever I talk to you, I realize the forces outside our little industry, which most security practitioners never see, are probably more powerful than we realize. Vendors buy each other, products that we love disappear, and there's a whole level of stress to the system that we only notice when it blindsides us. I know this is a huge question, but what effect is the recession we're in going to have on the technology pipeline that's available for security practitioners? Peter Kuper: The recession has unfortunately further tilted the advantage to the big vendors as they can weather the tough times far more easily than private companies given their sheer size and customer base. They can also access capital in ways completely unavailable to private companies. Marcus: Well, we’ve certainly seen the trend of “big companies get bigger” even in a tough market. So does ... Access >>>

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