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Andrew Briney Published: 18 Dec 2012

Ever notice how magazines try to pull you in by running a list on something you can't do without? ("47 ways to recharge your sex life," "59 patio redecorating tips," etc.) Well, if you're still reading, it worked. Most of these laws are the result of a collaborative effort. Tip o' the hat to Fred Avolio, Jay Heiser, Pete Lindstrom, Marcus Ranum and Joel Snyder for their input. You cannot eliminate risk. You can mitigate risk. You can insure against it. You can even ignore or accept it. But you can't eliminate it. Same goes for the components of risk: vulnerabilities, threats and impact. CEO's mantra: Make more, spend less. CEOs invest in security for two primary reasons: to comply with regulations; and to protect corporate image, brand, reputation and intellectual property. Your job is to demonstrate how spending a dime on security today saves the company a dollar tomorrow. "Good" security: No. "Good enough" security: Yes. It's often said that security is successful when nothing happens. But that doesn't mean a single breach means failure. You have to accept... Access >>>

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