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March 2011

Choosing the right information security risk assessment framework

Many regulations and virtually all security frameworks require some objective assessment of risks. The reason is simple: Security controls should be selected based on real risks to an organization's assets and operations. The alternative -- selecting controls without a methodical analysis of threats and controls -- is likely to result in implementation of security controls in the wrong places, wasting resources while at the same time, leaving an organization vulnerable to unanticipated threats. A risk assessment framework establishes the rules for what is assessed, who needs to be involved, the terminology used in discussing risk, the criteria for quantifying, qualifying, and comparing degrees of risk, and the documentation that must be collected and produced as a result of assessments and follow-on activities. The goal of a framework is to establish an objective measurement of risk that will allow an organization to understand business risk to critical information and assets both qualitatively and quantitatively. In the end, ...

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