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Published: 19 Oct 2012

Many experts in the security industry are speculating why Kazakhstan-based, the ISP serving a large chunk of the Zeus botnet, suddenly went dark March 9, severing the ties between thousands of zombie machines and the command-and-control servers they use to receive their marching orders. Whether the shutdown is a mixture of efforts by law enforcement and anonymous security researchers or the action of the ISPs that service Troyak is anyone's guess. But experts says the activity appears to be throwing a wrench in spam and phishing campaigns and slowing the spread of different malware variants of the nasty Zeus crimeware toolkit, which has been a serious problem for the banking industry. "There appears to be an ongoing effort to keep Troyak shut down, which is encouraging and definitely the right approach," says Sean Brady, a global expert on issues and mitigation strategies related to online fraud at RSA, the security division of EMC.. "Right now the fraudsters are spending time, money and resources to get online and that is time money resources not... Access >>>

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