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November 2005

Hot Pick: SecureWave's Sanctuary Device Control 3.0.1

Sanctuary Device Control 3.0.1 SecureWave Price: Starts at $45 per managed PC @exb Sanctuary Device Control is a powerful tool to manage user interactions with hardware devices on managed systems. @exe It's your company's equipment and your company's intellectual property. If you don't want employees treating either as if it were their own, you need an effective way to enforce corporate policy. SecureWave's Sanctuary Device Control allows security managers to exercise granular control over user interactions with hardware devices, such as removable media, local hard drives, printers, network adapters and scanners. Device Control's rich feature set allows you to create general or specific rules that control device usage. For example, you can dictate, "No users may access USB storage devices," and be as specific as "Richard Jones may only listen to music CDs on the weekend, when he is not connected to the corporate network." The Sanctuary client is installed on each managed system and interacts with a Sanctuary Application Server, ...

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