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November 2005

On the Line

On the Line It's game day for IPS. See how five appliances match up against attacks. Are you ready to let an intrusion prevention system (IPS) determine which traffic gets through to your network? Are you calling the plays? Do you trust the guys on the line to make the right decision? E-commerce is blindingly fast. You have to anticipate the attack, recognize the tactics and respond rapidly to keep the bad guys from getting your vital business data. As the technology matures, IPS has generated a lot of buzz in the infosecurity industry; the IDS vs. IPS debate persists two years after Gartner declared intrusion detection systems (IDS) would be dead by 2005, in favor of IPS. The trick is stopping the attacks without impeding or even limiting legitimate business traffic in the high-speed, high-volume flow of online commerce. An IDS false positive is a nuisance; automatically blocking your 24x7 production app is unacceptable. Test bed Cisco Systems' Intrusion Prevention Sensor 4255 Series Internet Security Systems' (ISS) Proventia ...

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