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March 2007

Risk Policy: Elemental Security Platform product review

RISK/POLICY MANAGEMENT Elemental Security Platform REVIEWED BY BRENT HUSTON Elemental Security Price: Management server, $35,000; desktop agent, $60; server agent, $600 @exb @exe The Elemental Security Platform (ESP) is a powerful tool for monitoring and enforcing system compliance, and provides effective asset management, asset-centric access controls and risk management. Since we reviewed Ele-mental Security's version 1.1, then called Elemen-tal Compliance System (August 2005), the product has matured and extended its capabilities, with support for new client OSes, risk management, support for ticketing systems and better LDAP integration. Setup B+   Our ESP server was preconfigured, but Elemental typically sends an engineer on-site to install the device and provide a rundown on features and usage. We were impressed with the ease of client agent installation, and getting the clients/servers running. Agent installation simply requires giving it the address of the ESP server and answering one or two other questions, depending on...

Features in this issue

  • Product review: Six removable device control security products

    Six removable device control security products that provide centrally managed granular control over ports, interfaces and storage devices are reviewed. This review evaluates: DeviceLock 6.0 from SmartLine, Sanctuary Device Con-trol 4.0 from SecureWave, Endpoint Access Manager 3.0 from ControlGuard, Device-Wall 4.5 from Centennial Software, Safend Protector 3.1 from Safend and Protect Mobile from Workshare.

  • Prioritizing compliance and information security

    Have compliance demands refocused and weakened information security efforts?

Columns in this issue