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Access "Secure software development needs to be treated as other engineering disciplines"

Published: 19 Oct 2012

Software developers are an intriguing mix of artist and engineer. This is what makes them so creative, but is also the root cause of an epidemic in today's applications--poorly engineered code. The problem is that software development is not treated like other engineering disciplines. The core concepts are taught, but the rigor is not required prior to becoming a professional. Universities teach courses on cryptography and algorithms, but almost none teach quality or security as part of their software engineering or computer science majors. To exacerbate the problem, we as an industry do not demand certifications, EIT (engineer-in-training), or other residency programs like other disciplines. As a result, we build houses of straw, just like the three little pigs in that old fairy tale. We are arrogant in our thinking that the house of straw will stand when the Big Bad Wolf comes a-blowing. Our software developers lack security training and discipline, and we've let them get away with it. And tools are not going to solve this problem. In fact, they won't even... Access >>>

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