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June 2003

Test center: CORE IMPACT 3.1 automated pen testing tool

Penetration testers--and their black hat counterparts--have a wide array of freeware tools for probing and piercing network defenses. For white hats, tools such as tcpdump, Nmap and L0phtcrack are invaluable when conducting security assessments. Nevertheless, they don't provide the automated and robust reporting capabilities needed for enterprise-level security assessments. To address these shortcomings and make life simpler for security pros, CORE Security Technologies developed IMPACT, a Windows-based penetration framework and tool set that combines the power of freeware hacking tools in an easy-to-use GUI console. It provides an audit trail, testing macros and after-action reports. The latest version, IMPACT 3.1, sports several improvements to the testing interface, vulnerability discovery mechanisms and reporting modules. IMPACT isn't a "hacker-in-a-box" solution. It requires an experienced infosec professional to harness its full capabilities. The application's real value is that it puts a variety of testing tools into a ...

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