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April 2004

IT security spending 2004: Firms diversify as security budgets tighten

Patrick Heim keeps a watchful eye on the clock. Not the clock in his San Francisco office, but what he calls the "virus doomsday clock," which counts down the time until the perfect worm brings the Internet to its knees. Unlike IDS, a well-tuned IPS won't require a lot of baby-sitting. Patrick Heim, VP of Enterprise Security, McKesson "We're at about 5 minutes 'til midnight," says Heim, VP of enterprise security at McKesson, a $50 billion provider of health care management products and services. "We've already seen hybrid code that crosses over multiple platforms. We've seen code that creates hive networks that talk to each other. We've seen destructive ones. We've seen flooding ones. If someone synthesized the worst aspects of these into something new, we could be in deep trouble." What's Heim doing about the threat of a doomsday worm? Everything he can, including beefing up risk assessment activities, tightening system configurations and access controls, running different flavors of AV on the gateway, servers and desktops, and...

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