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June 2009

New partnerships, creative thinking help security bust recession

Believe it or not, there is a silver lining to the recession. It forces organizations to think creatively about problems, use tools for tasks beyond their intended purpose, and foster relationships they may not have had in the past. There are two such examples of this in this month's issue. The first example in "A Sustainable Relationship" by Michael Mimoso centers on the integration of physical and logical security. While the benefits have been talked about for years, culture clashes and ownership issues have limited its widespread adoption. But in a world of cost cutting and increased scrutiny on ROI, some organizations are bringing the two groups together successfully. It is worthy to note that physical and logical security people have the same concerns: protecting assets, ferreting out malicious insiders and managing risk. What's more, their worlds are colliding as much of the physical security infrastructure has become IP-based. Desperation is a powerful tool. It can actually force people to look beyond preconceived notions...

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