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Published: 17 Oct 2012

To be successful, you must know yourself and your business. There's a fine line between success and failure, and sometimes the difference has nothing to do with the merit of the project or how it's presented. How many times have you been in a situation where politics or personalities sidelined a decision? Unfortunately, it happens a lot. Information security policies and procedures are developed with the best of intentions, but often fail because they were created without accounting for the dynamics of the organization for which they were built. Success (as we've heard others say) has a lot to do with group dynamics, motivation and leadership. Whether they realize it or not, the best infosecurity professionals are situationally aware and attuned to what is happening to them and their environment. The MIT Sloan School of Management has developed a way to assess situations around you. Called "Three Lenses," it encourages managers to look at organizational processes from different perspectives to understand how to excel. The strategic lens sees the organization... Access >>>

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