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Published: 17 Oct 2012

Robert Garigue may be less than six months into a new industry as Bell Canada's chief security executive, but that doesn't mean the security playbook that served him well as CISO for the Bank of Montreal has to be scrapped. Most threats and best practices are universal, and security philosophies can be carried from job to job. In switching business sectors, which threats have carried over? Much of what's happening now is geared toward identity theft, and the threat [is a problem] for any business sector. Criminal focus has moved away from technology and toward the business model as the weakest link. Phishing and Trojans are used to capture passwords and access accounts; this attacks the trust mechanism of a business model as opposed to attacking the technology. How has the security response changed as a result? Initially the [threat focus] was on the networks, and the response was about access control lists and firewalls. Then, operating systems became the focus, and the response was intrusion detection systems and patch management. Now the focus is on the ... Access >>>

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