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January/February 2010

Leverage Google Attacks to Improve Cybersecurity

For years, we've heard expert types tell us about targeted attacks against business units or even specific individuals inside an organization. We hear about reconnaisance done against these targets with hackers scouring messageboards, discussion forums, LinkedIn, Facebook and other places where people dump all the minutae about their lives. The experts' anecdotes are rich in speculation about the profiles organized attackers build against companies in order to craft their malicious messages and lure targets into their traps. But despite all this cloak-and-dagger color from the experts, there had yet to be a high-profile example of such an attack made public until Google decided to share details about its intimate experiences with the Chinese. It's no secret that China, whether through a state-sponsored operation or run by a criminal element there, has been stealing U.S. corporate, government and military secrets for a long time. Hacking is a cultural pastime in China and they've been passing time going through fighter jet plans,...

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