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June 2010

Cloud computing risks and how to manage them

As cloud computing moves from marketing hype to reality -- real customers with real utilization, it's increasingly important that information security practitioners understand the significant change in computing the cloud heralds and how that impacts enterprise risk. Cloud computing is evolving rapidly, and there is no shortage of vendors suddenly claiming to be "cloudy," which can make it all the harder to discern the critical security ramifications of the cloud for the enterprise. We'll shine a light on cloud computing and examine how the public cloud model alters the enterprise risk posture. We'll also look at how information security practitioners should prepare for moving into the cloud as well as emerging governance frameworks and other changes that must happen to make cloud computing more trustworthy. HOW THE CLOUD IMPACTS SECURITY To begin, cloud computing is an evolution in computing, and does not introduce new technology. Instead, the cloud is about a different business and operating model -- one based on shared ...

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