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Published: 19 Oct 2012

Cybercriminals have upped the ante against organizations by relentlessly targeting them in more ruthless ways. The amount of data corporations are losing is increasing. The costs to repair the damages are skyrocketing and the confidence we once had in the ecommerce infrastructure is fading. Cybercriminals have developed better "fire power" like new malware designed to evade detection. They have taken the time to understand the vulnerabilities in your network. And, they have learned how to maximize their profit margins by breaking into multiple corporations at the same time, using the same malware and SQL injections they've proven can work again and again. They've built a very lucrative and repeatable business. They can do this, in part, because of our unwillingness to work together and share information once we've been breached. When organizations are the victims of data breach crimes, they are more likely to stay silent than work with law enforcement. Instead of fighting the enemy, we end up fighting ourselves. In the long run, this ends up costing more and... Access >>>

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