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June 2012

Cybersecurity information sharing initiatives on the rise

When credit card processor Heartland Payment Systems suddenly saw an uptick in fraud coming from outside the United States last year, the company didn’t just quietly handle it internally In the past, the company would have referred the issue to its internal security team to analyze and recommend an action. This time, John South, the company's chief security officer, had other options: He contacted members of the Payments Processing Information Sharing Council (PPISC), a group formed in 2009 that brought together Heartland and its competitors in the industry to share information on threats attacking their systems. He described what the company was seeing and how the attackers were operating. “We were able to validate that other processors were seeing the same pattern and then take that pattern information directly to the U.S. Secret Service to help them and educate them in regards to the mechanism the attackers were using,” South says. Because the incidents are still under investigation by law enforcement, South declined to ...

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