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June 2008

Security Awareness Employee Training Essential to Infosec Program

Nothing circumvents pricey defense-in-depth faster than people; educating workers about security is essential. It's one of the hardest jobs a security officer has: teaching users about security. How do you grab an employee's attention during a busy workday? How do you get them to remember, let alone listen, about the need to create strong passwords and to be cautious when opening email attachments? To deal with this dilemma, Lynne Pizzini pulls out her bag of tricks--literally. In training presentations at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana, she incorporates magic. One of her tricks uses colored scarves to illustrate the importance of strong passwords and the different elements that go into them; the result is a single, multi-colored scarf. Another trick aims to get employees to understand that they, with all their access to data, pose the greatest security risk. Pizzini displays cards that illustrate seven security risks discussed in the presentation and shuffles them face down, however many times a participant indicates. ...

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    GOVERNANCE, RISK AND COMPLIANCE We look at three GRC products and the distinct ways these tools can help organizations navigate the complicated regulatory game.

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