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Access "Benefits of encryption: Improving your enterprise IT security structure"

Jay Beale, Contributor Published: 12 Oct 2012

Despite ample warnings and publicity, the annual Def Con hacker conference always catches a fair number of new victims for its "Wall of Shame"--a compilation of people who expose their passwords and credentials to other attendees. If you use unencrypted POP3 or IMAP to check your e-mail, HTTP to access a Web app, FTP for a file transfer or Telnet for remote access, you too could end up on this list. Worse, you could end up on some hacker's to-do-list, with more dire consequences. Whether you're talking about a compromised host or wide-open wireless networks, eavesdropping is a serious security issue. Hackers only need to control one host on a LAN or VLAN to sniff packets and compromise your network. They can even do this on a switched network using tools like ettercap or arpspoof, which trick hosts into sending traffic to the wrong destination. Consider this: Every packet you send across the Internet passes through a number of routers. Hackers can compromise and reconfigure these hops to route traffic through their machines. Attackers don't even need to ... Access >>>

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