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Published: 20 Oct 2012

The tactics and personalities assumed by security teams have bred some rather novel approaches for implementing and promoting security practices within organizations. We've likely all seen the iron-fisted security group, which prefers the stick over the carrot, and tries to garner support and compliance through the spread of fear and uncertainty. Having seen an information security manager brute force C-level executive passwords and post them for all to see, I long ago concluded this approach doesn't work. Too often, security professionals damage relationships with key stakeholders through such aggressive tactics. Other security teams attempt to raise awareness for their practice through the more benevolent approach of security metrics. But implementing metrics that demonstrate the monetary value of a security practice to the C-suite is a conundrum. Realistic security metrics related to monetary value simply don't exist and never will except in a very few unique, isolated scenarios. While their approaches are radically different, the iron-fisted and the ... Access >>>

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    • Cybersecurity Act of 2009: Power grab, or necessary step?

      The Cybersecurity Act of 2009, also known as S.773, would give the president unprecedented authority over federal and private networks. Experts debate whether it's a power grab, or a signal of the seriousness of threats to critical infrastructure.

    • Ease the compliance burden with automation

      Manual compliance processes are error-prone and drain corporate IT resources. Automated tools make a difference if you apply them to a well-organized compliance program.

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